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Can You Put a Mattress Topper in the Washer? (Quick Answers)

We abhor changing a mattress frequently. Mattresses are supposed to provide us comfort and give us a good night’s sleep. 

However, it turns into a nightmare whenever the springs get dislocated and as a result, we have to throw away the recently bought expensive mattress. 

Mattress toppers play a vital role in the protection of our mattresses. They provide us with the durability and comfort we desire by acting as a shield for the mattress. 

However, it often gets difficult for us to wash those mattress toppers because of their size. So, here rises a question. Can you put a mattress topper in the washer?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you are at the right place. 

Putting a mattress topper in the washer

You can put some mattress toppers in the washer such as polyester and cotton. However, you cannot put a foam mattress topper in the washer as the fragile structure of the foam can be ruined by all the harsh spinning. Vinyl-blacked mattresses can also be put in a washer. 

Mattress toppers are an extra layer that we add to our mattress for protecting it from wear and tear. The mattress topper acts as a shield while providing the peak amount of comfort for the mattress. 

They act as a relief to the pressure that a mattress tolerates alone. The pressure is divided between the mattress topper and mattress, protecting the springs from getting dislocated.

They increase the durability of the mattress and allow mattresses to provide comfort for a long period without tearing apart.

But the main challenge comes when the mattress toppers need to be washed. Washing is essential to remove the dirt and smell. Some mattresses are too delicate to be machine washed. Their structure and texture get ruined due to the harsh and agitated spinning. 

On the other hand, some mattress toppers are labeled as machine washable which can be washed using a washing machine. The most common of those toppers are polyester and cotton toppers. 

Polyester Mattress Topper:

Polyester Mattress toppers are machine washable which makes them so much more convenient. They are affordable and do not contain any odor. 

Polyester holds its loft longer than other fabrics and springs back nicely after washing, making it a gentler, softer, and more pleasant material for a mattress topper. 

Polyester is easy to clean, however, high dryers should be avoided as they might fry and damage the preferred elasticity in the loft.

They provide you with softness for comfortable bedding. Those who want the sensation of feathers but have allergies might use polyester mixes, often known as fiberfill. 

They are fluffy at first however, these toppers tend to rapidly lose their plumpness, providing the user with just minimal additional support or cushioning.

They are not as delicate as foam toppers, which is why they can be easily washed in washing machines definitely by maintaining some steps. 

Cotton mattress topper:

Cotton mattress toppers are also machine washable. While providing you with utmost comfort they also keep your convenience in check. Cotton mattress toppers are widely used because they never fail to provide the desired comfort. They are also cost-efficient. 

By reading the label properly and following the instructions carefully, you can put your cotton mattress topper in the washing machine. We need to use mild detergent and warm water to maintain the softness of the cotton. 

How often should you wash a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is required to be washed once every three months. Like bed sheets and pillowcases they do not need to be washed frequently. 

As we know sleep hygiene is essential. We must protect ourselves from all the dirt and germs a mattress topper may possess. They can also start being stinky after 3 months. 

So, it is very important to wash them properly every three months. They should not be washed more frequently than this as it might ruin the material and lessen their life duration. 

You can wash the ones with machine washable labels using a washing machine. The other ones need to be washed manually because they are not machine friendly. 

If you do not wash your mattress topper every 3 months it will contain germs that might harm your skin and cause diseases. Mattress toppers need protection from germs so cleaning them is a necessity.

3 things to consider before putting a mattress topper in the washer

As much help as mattress toppers are, they bring the same amount of unpleasantness when it comes to washing them. This hectic chore can be made easier by the use of washers. 

Since mattress toppers provide comfort and are delicate so in terms of washing we need to be careful. By keeping the following things in check you can protect your mattress topper. 

Type of material:

Making sure the material of the mattress topper is machine washable is the first thing to keep in check. 

Not all materials can be washed using a machine as they will lose their ability to provide comfort due to the harsh spinning of the washer.

Foam mattress toppers cannot be washed using a washer, they need to be washed manually whereas polyester and cotton mattress toppers are machine friendly. 


You always need to use a mild detergent while washing a mattress topper especially when washing using a washer. 

This is because the mattress toppers already go through a harsh process of scrubbing and spinning so using a strong detergent will result in tearing them apart. 

Strong detergents also make the materials rough, taking their ability to provide comfort. So always use a mild detergent while washing a mattress topper.

Letting the topper soak:

Before putting the topper in the washer make sure to let it soak in water for a while for it to loosen, making it easier to put the topper inside the washer. 

Can you put a mattress pad in the washer?

Unless it says so on the label or is suggested by the manufacturer himself, you cannot put a mattress pad in the washer.

This is because most mattress pads are made of memory foam. Memory foam should not be washed using a washing machine at any cost.

This is because the harsh cleaning process of the machine will ruin the texture of the foam. Memory foam-lined mattress pads should always be hand washed even if it’s difficult.

However, if the material is different and if the label allows you to wash the pad using a washer, only then you can put the pad in the washer.

Mattress pads are thinner than mattress toppers hence they should be handled with more care while washing. 

Hand washing mattress pads are not that difficult as they are thinner but you need to put a lot of effort into it.

How to wash the mattress topper in the washing machine?

Hand washing a mattress topper can be very time-consuming and monotonous. It drains all your energy out and still, you may not get a clean and fresh finish. 

Some mattress toppers are allowed to be washed using a washing machine. Such as polyester, cotton and vinyl layered mattresses. 

It eases the process and increases the rate at which you can finish the task. There are a few steps that you can follow to get the perfect fresh and clean finish while washing the mattress toppers using a washer. 

These steps will also allow you to minimize any damage which might occur due to washing using a washer. 

Check for rips: 

The first step would be checking the mattress topper properly for any rips. The rips will cause your machine to be filled with feathers and ruin the mattress topper. Sew the rips, if there are any.

The temperature of water and detergent: 

Always use cold water or moderately warm water for the mattress topper. You must always use mild detergents. Harsh detergents will harden the surface of the mattress topper ruining the whole purpose of the mattress providing comfort. 

Washing the topper:

The next step would be putting detergent on the stains and then washing the topper properly inside the washer. Make sure to wash it twice so that it does not have any bits of dirt left. Also, make sure your washer does not have an agitator.

Put it in the dryer: 

The last step would be laying the topper flat on a surface and flipping it occasionally for drying or you can put it in the dryer if your machine has one. Remove the topper from the dryer a few times to clear out any clumps. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, you cannot put all mattress toppers in the washer. Only materials like polyester, cotton, and vinyl-blacked materials can be washed using a washer. You must follow the few steps mentioned above to get a perfect, harmless, and clean finish for your mattress topper.