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Can You Put a Glass Lid in the Oven? (Read This First!)

People are often worried about putting containers or pans with glass lids into the oven. It is a matter of concern whether a glass lid can sustain the temperature inside the oven.

Today we will address this common concern and bring some answers to you regarding glass lids in an oven. Read on to learn whether you can put a glass lid in the oven.

Can you put a glass lid in the oven?

You can put a glass lid in the oven. But the glass lids vary in terms of how much temperature they can sustain, what type of oven they can work in, and the type of glass that the lid is made of. But it is safe to say that you can put most glass lids in the oven for one oven task or another.

You can put almost all glass lids in the oven. But you will have to pay attention to the type of glass that has been used in the lid in order to determine how much temperature it can withstand and for how long.

If you don’t find out about the temperature range in which your lid can work, then it may sustain cracks while in the oven.

In addition, you will find a disclaimer about whether you can put the glass lid in the oven in the manual of the product. Let’s take some examples.

You can put glass lids made by CorningWare in the oven without any trouble. The glass lid is designed to be used in ovens, stoves, refrigerators, and more.

Besides, the glass lids made by Calphalon can be put inside an oven as well. These products can work in temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also put Cuisinart glass lids in the oven without any hassle. The brand claims that its lids can tolerate temperatures up to 370 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you put a pyrex glass lid in the oven?

Yes, you can put a pyrex glass lid in the oven without any worry. Pyrex glass lids are completely safe to go into an oven.

You can either put them into a preheated oven or grill in them, there are practically no restrictions. You can also bake in a container by keeping its Pyrex glass lid on.

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Can you put a tempered glass lid in the oven?

Yes, you can put a tempered glass lid in the oven. It will cause no problem. But you will have to maintain a certain temperature when you have tempered glass inside the oven.

Try to keep the temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit or the tempered glass may sustain some sort of damage.

Can you put a casserole glass lid in the oven?

You can safely put a casserole glass lid in the oven, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, cooking using a casserole glass lid has several benefits as the product does not release any unwanted chemicals into the food.

Moreover, it makes the food visible, so you can observe the recipe without opening the lid.

Can you bake a glass lid?

Yes, you can definitely bake a glass lid. There is no restriction against baking something using a pot with a glass lid. However, there are some things that you will need to keep an eye on.

Make sure that the temperature does not exceed the glass limit. Most glass lids come with a certain temperature limit up to which they can withstand the heat. In general, you can bake a glass lid up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Can the glass lid break from the heat?

It is possible that the glass lid may break from the heat. Most of these products come with a temperature limit and if the oven’s temperature goes higher than that then the glass lid will crack or break.

When the glass lid is put at a temperature higher than the said limit, it will go through a thermal shock. And the glass shatters inside the oven.

So always factor in components like the lid’s material and how much heat it can withstand. This will help you prevent the glass lid from breaking. 

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Why did my glass lid blow-up in the oven?

There are various reasons that may cause your glass lid to blow-up. Here are some of the most common and significant reasons why glass lids blow-up in the oven:

The fluctuating temperature inside the oven:

If your oven goes through fluctuating temperatures for some reason, then the glass lid may break.

This happens because the glass expands and contracts so fast in a short span of time. These contrasting heat settings may cause your glass lid to blow-up inside the oven.

This mainly happens when you put a cold dish inside the pot. It causes the temperature within the pot as well as the oven to fluctuate.

Small cracks in the glass lid:

Another prominent reason why your glass lid may blow-up in the oven is that the glass has small cracks in it. This will reduce the glass lid’s capacity to withstand high heat and blow-up when it is put at a high temperature. 

Lots of small cracks, that are generally not so visible to the eyes, develop on the body of glass lids. This happens over time. So you should be careful while putting an old glass lid inside an oven.

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How do I know if my glass lid is oven-safe?

Instead of generalizing glass lids and identifying them all as oven safe, it is best to learn how you can know if your glass lid is oven safe. Pay attention to the following factors before putting your particular glass lid in the oven.

Check for symbols:

Glass lids are increasingly gaining popularity among home cooks and professional checks alike. To make the use of glass lids more convenient, brands now clarify whether the particular model is safe for an oven or not.

Most of the recent glass lid models come with a special symbol that will help you identify them as oven-safe. Check for such a symbol on the box of the product or its manual.

Check the material:

Another easy way to know if the glass lid is oven-safe is to look at the material of the oven. Whether a glass is safe to go into the oven largely depends on the material of the product.

If the glass lid is made of tempered glass, casserole, or pyrex glass, then rest assured that it is safe for the oven. So you will have to research the material of the glass lid to find out if it is safe for the oven.

How hot can a glass lid get?

The answer to this question largely depends on the quality of glass that has been used in constructing a glass lid.

Different materials have different capacities up to which they can withstand a temperature. So before you put a glass lid into the oven, take a look at what material it is made of.

An average glass lid can withstand temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This converts to 200 degrees Celsius. But there are glass lids that have much less capacity, so you will need to be careful with them.

In addition, older glass lids cannot get very hot in the oven without exploding. They develop several minor cracks over the years, which pose a significant threat.

How to use glass lids in the oven safely?

There are several factors that will require your special attention when you’re putting a glass lid into the oven. Make sure that the food item or dish that the glass lid contains is not too hot or too cold.

Otherwise, it may cause temperature fluctuation inside the oven which will end up damaging the glass lid. The lid may even blow-up in such a case.

In addition, make sure to use oven mitts when you’re bringing the dish out of the oven. This will prevent any kind of accidental dropping of the pot.

Moreover, to use a glass lid in the oven safely, make sure to not set the temperature too high. Glass lids have a certain heat capacity above which they may crack or blow-up. So you will have to set a temperature that the material of the glass lid can withstand.

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Final Thoughts

You can put most glass lids in the oven. But you will have to consider factors such as material of the lid, type of glass used and its condition. Most materials, including pyrex, casserole, and tempered glass can go inside an oven. A typical glass lid can withstand temperatures up to 392 degrees.