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Can You Put a Dog Bed in the Washer? (Quick Answers)

A dog bed is something that you must regularly clean. Your dog might leave on it or give some bacteria while living, so it’s not a good practice to use the same dog bed for a long time or the entire month. It’s a good thing to wash the dog bed every week.

The dog bed will contain some solid bacteria and other toxic elements that must be removed or eliminated. So, you cannot use regular detergent and expect to get the best cleaning dog bed in a moment.

Putting put a dog bed in the washer

You can put a dog bed in the washer and deep clean to remove the bacteria and strong dirt. You should always use a front-load washer to get the best cleaning of your bed dog. If your dog bed is too large, you must use the large washer, or you may use the hired washer from elsewhere.

Using a washing machine to clean the dog bed is always a good idea, but it won’t allow you to use it as a perfect option. Sometimes you must go for a manual washing process.

The washer is always easy to clean the dog bed without facing any challenges; unfortunately, it won’t give you the best cleaning experience.

When you have a dirty dog bed that you may forget to wash in the last month, you should clean it manually before putting it into your washer.

Sometimes the dog bed becomes too dirty to put into the washer because your front-end washer will fail to remove the stink or pungent from that bed.

You must use distilled vinegar and boiled water to remove that stinky or pungent smell from your dog bed.

You need to put it into the vinegar & water mixture for about an hour and then expect to remove the strong stain and the pungent smell. It will then be ready to put in your washer and get a fresh dog bed.

You can only avoid this path if you regularly clean your dog bed weekly. If you maintain that routine and clean it accordingly, you may use your front-load washer and deep clean it. But you must use the perfect detergent to go through the dog bed and remove the bacteria.

You will find different cleaners for your dog bed, but they are not the best option for you. The perfect dog bed cleaner will be on our list where you can get yours.

Before that, you must know that the dog bed is not a regular cloth that can be washed easily. Your washer must have that power and space to hold the bed dog.

The process will be easier and effortless if you buy a machine washable dog bed. When you choose or purchase the bed for your dog, you must check the machine cleaning tags on it.

If it comes only for hand washing, you cannot put it into the washer because the fabrics will be damaged, and you cannot perfectly clean it with your washer.

So, the first step to cleaning your bed with your washer is to buy a machine-friendly dog bed. It will allow you to put it into any washer and clean it deeply. Machine cleaning bed dogs come with some quality fabrics that don’t allow the bacteria or dirt to get much deeper through that material.

Therefore, cleaning any dirty solid dog bed with the front-load and top-load washer becomes easy.

Can you put a foam dog bed in the washer?

You cannot put a foam dog bed in the washer because of the bed structure and foam. The foam bed typically comes with a soft material that can easily stick to the dog’s body, absorb the bacteria, and allow the dirt to go inside.

If you put this bed dog in your washer, it will fail to clean it from the inside and will not remove any bacteria.

Especially if your bed dog comes with memory foam, you cannot even think of using any hot water or type of washer because the memory foam is strictly prohibited from soaking into the hot water or in the washer.

You must clean your foam dog bed with your hands and remove the bacteria and dirt inside the foam.

You may also use some vinegar and mild water to make a perfect mixture for your foam dog bed. It will not allow you to use chemicals.

How often should you wash a dog bed in the washer?

You should wash a dog bed in the washer at least twice a week. Dogs are experts at bringing love and wagging tails into any area, yet, they are also highly excellent at moving muck and trash from outside into their homes, even their beds.

In addition to producing an unpleasant odor, dog beds that are not regularly cleaned risk harboring many pathogenic bacteria and fleas.

As a result, keeping your dog’s bed clean ensures that your pet is comfortable and that the people in your home remain healthy.

How to wash a dog bed with stuffing in the washer?

By carefully following the instructions below, you can get at ease washing a dog bed with stuffing in the washer:

Clean Cover:

Wash your cover in the washing machine according to the instructions on the tag, using hot water and a detergent that is safe for use around pets. 

If the tag does not indicate how the cover should be washed, wash it as usual. Before washing the bed for a more extended time at a colder temperature, it is necessary to disinfect the bed for shorter periods to destroy the microorganisms on the bed. 

Wash Separately:

You should launder the cover separately from the other clothes. You can accomplish this by using a large load and cold water setting.

Use Hot Water:

When you wash the entire bed, use very hot water to eliminate bugs, eggs, or bacteria that might be hidden in the fabric.


The temperature should be at least 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Mix Water & Detergent:

If the size of your dog’s bed is such that it cannot be cleaned in your home washing machine, you have two options: either take it to a laundry or wash it by hand in the bathroom bathtub with hot water and a mild detergent.

Look for a detergent that is safe for the environment and has no odor, or check with the pet store in your area to see if they have any products designed specifically for cleaning up after pets.

What is the best washer detergent to wash dog bedding?

You will mostly find three different detergents as the best washer to wash your dog bedding. Some other pet-friendly detergents are also there, but these three are the most used and famous for their ingredients & brand value.

If you want to use safe detergent for your pet bed, you should go for any of them and get the safest cleaning experience.

Seventh Generation:

The first recommended washer detergent is the seventh generation, which is the best to wash your dog bedding. It has no added fragrance or dyes that are highly restricted for pets’ bedding.

The added fragrance always comes with unsafe chemicals and damages the pet-friendly feature of any detergent.

That’s the only reason you cannot use the regular detergent to wash the dog bedding. You may use a bit of Seventh generation and put it into your washer drum.

Then, add the perfect amount of water and put the bed. Once you finish cleaning and washing the bed, you will find a bacteria and odor-free dog bed.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh:

The tide simply clean & fresh is also an excellent pet-friendly washer detergent that you can use to clean the dog bedding.

It also has no added chemicals to make it fragrance or dyes. You will get toxic-free detergent elements from this cleaner and can remove the bacteria.

So, tide simply clean & fresh is another best washer detergent for every pet bedding. You can use it both for the washer & your hand washing option. Buy this tide simply clean & fresh.


Here comes the third best washer detergent to clean your dog bed. The Ecos also don’t have any added fragrances or dyes into the structure.

However, the Ecos can remove the firm dirt and the odor from your dog bed with its non-toxic elements. You should try this Ecos and put it into the washer.

Final Thoughts

Although you can put a dog bed into the washer, you must remove the extra dirt by hand washing. You may use a mixture of vinegar & hot water and soak it into the mixture. After removing the extra dirt & odor from your dog bed, you can put it into the front-load washer and clean it in a moment.