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Can You Put a Deep Freezer on Carpet? (All You Need to Know)

In today’s world, a deep freezer is a must-have household appliance. It’s an appliance usually used for storing frozen foods and meat-based products to prevent them from deteriorating.

It prevents you from making unnecessary journeys to the fish and meat markets because you can easily keep them in deep freezers.

Many of you are likely to dislike canned foods. In the winter, a deep freezer is a godsend since you can simply put summer fruits and vegetables in Ziploc bags and keep them in the deep freezer.

Let’s talk about whether or not a deep freezer can be kept on a carpet, as well as other important considerations for its placement in our home.

Can you put a deep freezer on carpet?

A deep freezer cannot be placed on a carpet. The placement of a deep freezer on a carpet will cause heat damage to the carpet. It can also hinder the ventilation process and cause the freezer’s cooling mechanism to malfunction. So, it is preferable to avoid placing a deep freezer on a carpet.

A wide range of deep freezers are currently available on the market. They are available at very inexpensive pricing, making them accessible to the general public.

Let’s take a look inside two of these freezers to see if we can keep them on a carpet:

Small deep freezer:

The coil and compressors are frequently situated underneath in modern small deep freezers. As a result, placing the freezer on a carpet will hinder the ventilation mechanism, causing the freezer to malfunction.

Therefore, keeping a small deep freezer on the carpet is not a good idea.

Chest freezer:

The condenser coil is usually found at the bottom of the chest freezer. Its cooling process may be hampered if it is kept on a carpet.

If you want your chest freezer to last longer, don’t put carpeting underneath it.

5 reason why deep freezer can’t sit on carpet

Deep freezers should not be placed on carpet. Let’s look at 5 reasons why a deep freezer shouldn’t be placed on carpet:

For obstructing the ventilation system:

The compressor and condenser coil are positioned beneath the bottom of the deep freezers. Placing it on carpets obstructs the freezer’s ventilation system, potentially causing the appliance to malfunction.

For causing carpet damage due to the heat:

When a deep freezer is placed on a carpet, it can cause heat damage to the carpet. If you examine the burn marks on the carpet where your freezer was put, you will see them for yourself.

For obstructing cooling process:

The absence of adequate distance between the deep freezer and the carpet obstructs the appliance’s cooling process when it is placed on the carpet.

For overheating the freezer:

The deep freezer may overheat if it is placed on the carpet due to a lack of sufficient ventilation.

For Increasing electricity bills:

Because the cooling mechanism and other mechanical functions are hampered by placing the deep freezer into a carpet, the appliance may operate double-time, resulting in increased electricity expenditures.

How much ventilation does a freezer need?

To provide proper airflow, an estimate 200cm2 of ventilation must be supplied at both the top and bottom of the cabinetry. A deep freezer or any other cooling appliance cannot function or cool inside properly without enough ventilation.

It will run for longer periods of time, resulting in higher energy expenses. For optimal freezer ventilation, at least 3 inches clearance is required on all sides, especially at the bottom, and 3 inches clearance is required at the back.

Where is the best place to put a freezer?

Freezers are well-insulated appliances that allow us to store them almost anyplace we desire. Let’s have a look at some of the best places to put a freezer:


It’s preferable to keep your freezer in the kitchen if you use it frequently. Deep freezers are tiny enough to fit beneath your work surfaces. For a simplified look, small to medium freezers can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen.


A pantry is a vital part of every kitchen. You can also keep your deep freezer in the pantry for quick access while you’re working in the kitchen.

Laundry room:

You may always give your laundry area a unique facelift by putting the deep freezer there. To make it look more appealing, match the double lids of your washing machine and freezer.


In your hallway or dining area, there are numerous underutilized corners. You can just put your freezers in such nooks.

The freezer can also be placed in the nooks of bedrooms or game rooms as well.


A basement is an excellent location for practically any type of freezer. As a result, it is also one of the ideal locations for your freezer.

What to put under a deep/chest freezer?

Keeping your deep/chest freezers on the floor can cause damage in a variety of ways. Let’s have a look at some of the safeguards you can install beneath your deep/chest freezer: 

Drip tray:

While your freezer is running on its typical 24/7 cycle, the drip tray underneath it collects its condensation. It’s crucial for collecting the leaking water from the freezer as it defrosts.

It also ensures that the freezer does not cause any damage to your carpet or floor.

Protective plastic or vinyl sheets:

You can cover your deep freezer with plastic or vinyl sheets. They can also come in handy when it comes to protecting your carpets or floors.

They are heat resistant and would protect your carpet from any potential burns caused by the freezer’s cooling unit. These are rather light and slim, making them convenient to transport.

Durable mats and rugs:

A durable mat or rug is one of the most cost-effective items that can be used to cover the area beneath the freezer. Both are reasonably priced and easy to find.

In this instance, use plastic or rubber mats and straw rugs.

Moisture absorber:

Your carpet, floor, or wherever you put your deep freezer can still become wet without the deep freezer leaking at an inopportune time.

For that, you can place a moisture absorber underneath the deep freezer to stop the damage of its surrounding area.

How to put a deep freezer on carpet?

Although it is not recommended to place a deep freezer on carpets, it can be done with a few precautions. The following are the steps for putting a deep freezer on carpet:

Choose a suitable location:

The first and most important step in putting a deep freezer on the carpet is to find a good spot for it. You are free to choose any room in the house that has carpet.

You can put the deep freezer over a carpet in the kitchen, pantry, nooks, basements, among other places.

Use protective shield to reduce damage of the carpet:

Before installing the deep freezer, gather the essential protective shields, such as plywood sheets, plastic mats, and rubber mats.

To avoid any possible carpet damage, place it over the carpet and underneath the deep freezer while installing it to your desired location.

Leave enough room between the carpet and the freezer:

When installing the freezer, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

When installing the freezer on the carpet, it is imperative to leave at least 3 inches of room between the carpet and the freezer. For the deep freezer to work well, ensure that it has adequate ventilation of 200cm2.

Install the deep freezer in the designated area:

Install your deep freezer, keeping the important factors in mind, once you have all of the necessary equipment and a suitable area. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire an electrician to make the essential connections and wirings.

How do I prevent my freezer from damaging the carpet?

If you don’t take the appropriate precautions when installing your freezer, your carpet may get damaged in a variety of ways. The direct contact between the freezer and the carpet would damage both the freezer and the carpet.

Place a few sheets of plywood over the carpet and underneath the freezer as a solution. You can also put durable mats such as plastic or rubber mats and straw rugs underneath the freezer to protect the carpet from getting damaged by the freezer.

Apart from that, using a freezer carpet protector is one of the greatest ways to prevent your freezer from ruining your carpet. It softens the freezer’s legs edges and prevents the freezer from denting your carpet.

Final Thoughts

It is best to avoid putting a deep freezer on a carpet as it has various drawbacks. The deep freezer’s coil and compressor are located beneath them. Placing it on a carpet would obstruct the ventilation process and cause it to overheat. It’s recommended to avoid putting a deep freezer on a carpet.