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Can You Put Crocs in the Dishwasher? (All You Need to Know)

Crocs are a popular choice of footwear for everyday activities all around the world, since they are lightweight and comfortable. They’re built of “Croslite,” an environmentally friendly material that’s a blend of closed cell resin and crude oil polymer.

It’s a casual shoe that you can wear to the beach, the grocery store, or just around the house.

Crocs are a therapeutic shoe that gives long-term pain relief and is a good footwear choice for persons who have had foot surgery or who go through specific health problems.

Crocs can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Let’s talk about whether or not crocs can be washed in the dishwasher, as well as some significant washing recommendations.

Can you put crocs in the dishwasher?

You cannot put crocs in the dishwasher. Crocs are unable to withstand high temperatures and thus shrink. Dishwasher average temperature ranges from 130 to 145o F, which is hot enough to utterly destroy your crocs. Therefore, you should never put your crocs in the dishwasher.

Crocs originated in a small town called Boulder, Colorado, in the United States of America. To the general public, they were known as ‘boat shoe.’

It was initially shown at the ‘Fort Lauderdale Boat Show’ in Florida in 2001.

Later in 2002, three young entrepreneurs named Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedbecker Jr. formed the Crocs brand, which commercially began producing these simple boat shoes with distinctive designs.

Crocs are currently available in over 120 different designs for children, ladies, and men. It gained immense popularity as well.

Crocs, the brand itself, gave some washing recommendations in a Tweet made in September 2018. They strongly advise to wash them with mild detergent and cleaning them with a warm washcloth. Crocs should be air dried rather than sun dried.

They have also advised that the crocs should not be washed in a dishwasher or washing machine since heat can cause the Croslite to shrink.

Dishwashers have a temperature of nearly 145oF, which can shrink or melt crocs if they are washed in them. As a result, you should avoid washing your crocs in the dishwasher and instead utilize other techniques.

Is it safe to put crocs in the dryer?  

It is not safe to put crocs in the dryer. Because when you put your crocs in the dryer, they come into contact with the heat.

Therefore, they begin to shrink because of the heat. If you don’t want your crocs to shrink and become ruined, don’t put them in the dryer.

It is preferable to hand-wash the crocs with mild soap and cold water. Because washing the crocs in hot water might loosen them up.

After washing, dry the crocs with a fan, air dry them, or store them in a cool, dry location. Avoid exposing them to high heat, as this may cause them to shrink.

3 reason why you can’t put crocs in dishwasher  

Many people will tell you that washing crocs in the dishwasher is an efficient way to clean them. That, however, is not the truth.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why crocs shouldn’t be washed in the dishwasher:

For the heat exposure:

Crocs are made of a heat-sensitive polymer called “Croslite.” As a result, if they come into contact with very high heat or temperature, they will simply melt.

The primary cycle of the dishwasher is set to 130-145 °F, which is hot enough for the crocs to loosen or melt. As a result of the excessive heat exposure, crocs should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Will shrink the crocs:

Crocs should always be stored in a cool, dry location. Because when crocs come into contact with strong heat, the heat has a great potential of shrinking your crocs significantly.

Dishwashers wash dishes at a high temperature. Thus, you should avoid putting your crocs in the dishwasher since it may cause them to shrink.

Use of harsh dishwasher detergent:

The dishwasher detergent is very harsh, as it is typically used to remove indelible stains from dishes.

Crocs should only be washed with mild soap and cold water and should not be washed with such harsh detergent. Therefore, crocs should not be washed in the dishwasher.

How do you clean dirty Crocs?

Crocs will need to be cleaned after being worn. Your Crocs will be sparkling and new in no time if you use soapy water as your main ingredient in order to wash them.

Rinse the crocs with water:

Rinse your rubber crocs with normal water before completing a deep clean. This will help you eliminate the first layer of grime and determine which areas require scrubbing.

Mix mild soap and water in the bucket:

Take a bucket full of lukewarm water and pour liquid mild soap into it. Lukewarm water can help to break down the dirt and stains, and a mild soap will prevent harsh chemicals from harming your crocs.

Add bleach to the water by filling the bleach container’s cap halfway with bleach if your crocs are really filthy.

Soak the crocs into the bucket:

Put your crocs in the bucket to soak once you have made a soapy combination. They don’t need to soak for a long time. But soak it before being washed, but you should keep them in the water while scrubbing.

Scrub them using a brush or rag:

Start cleaning off the filth with a scrub brush or rag. In the meanwhile the Crocs are soaking. Depending on how unclean your shoes are, this could take some time.

To get inside the vent openings or other hard-to-reach areas, use a toothbrush. For cleaning up the tough stains on your crocs, use a generic or magic eraser.

Wash the shoes off with water:

Rinse the Crocs with regular, cool water once you’ve removed all of the dirt. You can either use a towel to dry the crocs or let them air dry. 

Don’t leave them out in the sun as the high heat can damage the Crocs.

Can I wash my Crocs with fur in the washing machine?

No, you cannot machine wash your crocs with fur because they are not machine washable. If you wash your crocs in the washing machine, the fur lining may get damaged.

The fur from the crocs may be easily separated. Soap and lukewarm water can be used to wash them individually.

Avoid using hot water to wash your crocs and fur lining because it may loosen them. Scrub the visible dirt off the fur using a brush.

After you’ve finished washing them, don’t leave them out in the sun. Furthermore, do not heat dry them because the heat may harm them and cause them to shrink.

Reattach the dry lining to your Croc by placing it over your hand. Push the rivet through the hole in the liner on either side as you turn the heel down around the back of the shoe.

Can you sterilize Crocs?

Yes, crocs can surely be sterilized. Crocs can be sterilized in a few different methods.

One of the most simple and efficient ways to sterilize your crocs is to use a bleach-water solution. Bleach is widely available in department stores, so you may purchase it there easily.

A bucket, bleach, and water are all you’ll need to produce the bleach-water solution.

In a bucket, combine the water and bleach in a 90:10 ratio. With a spatula, mix it for 10 seconds. Make sure the temperature does not get above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gamma penetration sterilization is another option for sterilizing your crocs. Gamma radiation is a sort of pure radiation that terminates bacteria all over a product, such as crocs, with very little temperature change.

It is characterized by deep penetration and low dose rates. It’s a penetrating sterilant that terminates both bacteria and germs.

When sanitizing your crocs, avoid using an autoclave. Because too much heat can damage the crocs.

Final Thoughts

Crocs should not be washed in the dishwasher. Your crocs may get damaged and shrink as a result of the dishwasher’s high-temperature mechanism. Crocs should be washed with mild soap, and the harsh detergent used in dishwashers is not good for them. So, it’s best not to put crocs in the dishwasher.