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Can You Move a Hot Tub on Its Side? (All You Need to Know)

Moving heavy appliances is always a challenging task. It can also be risky for the device and, most importantly, the people transporting it. Hot tubs are one of the heaviest things in ou our house. So can you move a hot tub on its side? Is it safe for you and the hot tub? This article will guide you to move your hot tub to its side.

Move a hot tub on its side

Moving a hot tub on its side is possible. Firstly, hot tubs are strong enough to be on their side. But you must be very careful and prepared for the task. You need at least 4 strong people who can confidently help you move the hot tubs. But in most cases, it’s better to let the experts do it.

Moving heavy objects is not something we often do. Due to low experience, it’s easy to underestimate the weight or the risks associated with the job. So can you move the hot tub to its side? Let’s divide the question into two parts. Is it okay to keep hot tubs on its side? And can you move the hot tubs DIY?

The first question is relatively straightforward. You can keep the hot tub on its side. Hot tubs are massive and heavy, but it has enough structural strength to be on their side.

However, while doing that, there are chances of damage if you do not do it properly. There are chances of defects or scratches while keeping the tubs on their side. You can use some cardboard under the hot tubs to avoid those issues.

Now come to the second part. You can move a hot tub, but there are risks associated with it. Hot tubs are at least 400 kgs (there are heavier ones). So it’s hard to control that massive weight without enough human resources and proper equipment.

If you have four people to move the hot tub, each one has to bear around 100 kg. It’s pretty risky, even for strong people. There are chances of a finger injury, back muscle injury, and accidents.

If you have four strong friends to help, you can move the hot tubs with proper equipment and planning.

The four people who will bear the weight should be equally capable of handling the weight. If someone is not powerful enough to hold the weight, the hot tub will be unbalanced and may cause accidents.

As the hot tub is very heavy, it will be hard to get the fingers out from the bottom of the tub without damaging the tub or hurting the finger. And can you imagine the finger injury when a 400 kg bathtub is on your fingers? That’s why you also need two assistants who will lift the hot tub so you can move your fingers safely.

You need a dolly to move the hot tub. It is a platform with wheels that helps you move heavy objects. But without a dolly, it’s a no-no! Even with a short distance, it is challenging, increasing the chances of injuries.

You must also be very careful when moving the hot tub with a dolly. When the hot tub is on its side, it will be very unstable. And while you are moving it with wheels, it becomes even riskier.

Suppose the hot tub starts falling on one side; it’s almost impossible to stop it from falling.

So what can you do? You need to be very slow and careful while moving the hot tub. 4 people should stay on either side of the dolly to hold the hot tub and maintain balance. Rushing is the last thing you can do.

Sometimes you need to transport the hot tub. Make sure to tie the hot tub with strong rope so that the tub does not lose its balance while moving. You can also tie the hot tub while moving it with a dolly. It will reduce some risks and make it easier, but you can not rely on the ropes. If the hot tub loose balance, it will fall with the dolly.

Hiring professionals to do the job is the best way to go. They are experienced and have all the proper equipment to move the hot tub safely.

Is it safe to transport a hot tub on its side?

If you wonder if it is okay to transport the hot tub on its side? There should not be any issue with keeping it on its side. But make sure to put something under the tubs. It will help to protect the hot tubs from scratches. Cardboards should be enough for that.

Generally, when you are shifting your house or moving furniture, you may need to keep the hot tubs on their side. But the process should not damage your hot tub.

However, are you planning to do it DIY? It’s somewhat not safe for you and the hot tub. But manageable with a strong workforce, proper planning, and equipment. Do not try to do it with fewer human resources or without the necessary equipment; it can be dangerous.

But if you have hired people to do it for you and wondering if they can transport the hot tub on its side, yes, there should not be any issue if done with care.

What happens when you move a hot tub on its side?

Moving a hot tub on its side is not child’s play. Knowing the possibilities before a risky job can help you prepare for challenging situations. Check out the following points.

Defects on hot tubs:

There is a high chance of defects or scratches without proper planning and enough people to help. Sometimes there will be no way to avoid a bit defect if you want to save yourself from getting injured. So proper planning is essential.

Losing balance:

The hot tub can lose its balance if you rush or the route you are using to transport it is not plain. First, choose the easy and safest path to move the hot tub. You can tie the hot tub for better control.


There is always a chance of going wrong, but you can avoid accidents with proper preparation.

What’s the best way to move a hot tub?

Hiring professionals for this job is the best way to go. If you want to do it with your friends and brothers, there are chances of accidents. Moreover, you will need a dolly, and that’s not something everyone has.

Professionals will do the job safely and efficiently. They have the necessary skilled human resources and proper equipment for the job. It’s better to get help from a licensed insurance service provider.

As the work is risky, if any accidents happen to the worker or your item, their insurance will cover that. According to the law, if a worker works under you and gets injured, you will have to bear his health expenses and wag if the service providers cannot handle that.

But when the service provider has all the proper papers, you don’t need to worry.

How to move a hot tub on its side?

Moving a hot tub on its side is difficult, even for professionals. But if you have enough workforce and support, you can be confident enough to move the tub from one place to another. There are some essential steps you need to follow to avoid any issues. Check out the following points to learn the vital steps.


Planning is half of the work of moving a hot tub. First, consider alternatives and look for the possibility of hiring professionals. If there is none, look if you have enough strong people to help you with this. You need at least six people to make this work safely.


Unplug all the cables from the hot tub and manage the wires well. If you don’t care for them, they can cause issues while shifting.

Also, clean the path of moving the hot tub. Keep in mind where the uneven part of the route is. Everyone should get prepared by wearing working gloves with a good grip.

Start slowly:

Keep the dolly near the hot tub and move the tub slowly over the dolly. Make sure the dolly does not move while working. Others should assist while putting the hot tub down.

Move slowly:

Move the dolly slowly while holding the hot tub to maintain balance.

Put it down slowly:

Lift and put the hot tub from the dolly slowly. Make sure to communicate if someone is having an issue.

Final Thoughts

Moving the hot tub on its side is possible, but it’s high risk and super hard work if you are not prepared enough for the job. You should never be confident doing it if you don’t have enough workforce or equipment. Getting help from professionals is a lot easy and safe option.