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Can You Microwave Socks? (All You Need to Know)

Although the microwave is practically used for warming and cooking food, perhaps you have had heard of people drying their small pieces of clothing items such as pantyhose, socks, etc. in the microwave.

As a result, when there’s rainy weather and your socks are still damp and not wearable, you may think about whether or not you can microwave your socks too.

Therefore, before attempting this microwave drying method to dry socks, go through all the precisely explained segments ahead to know the accuracy of this method.

Can You Microwave Socks?

Socks shouldn’t ever be dried in a microwave because socks really aren’t made of microwavable materials. Mainly, if the socks contain any synthetic material or metal elements such as thread or any embellishment, they can melt and spark a potential fire or otherwise will surely damage the microwave.

As practically, socks absolutely aren’t a microwavable thing, so most of you may not know whether wet socks and two common types of socks which are fluffy and cotton socks can go in the microwave oven or not.

Therefore, short explanations over these two common types of socks and wet socks are included below for you to check out.

Wet Socks:

Wet socks, regardless of the material you can’t put wet socks in a microwave oven to dry them and the primary reason is that microwaving wet socks have a high chance of igniting a dangerous fire.

Because the microwave heat will only perforate about one inch deep inside the wet sock. Thereby, the heat will only make the water molecules heat up, instead of evaporating the water in deeper layers and drying the socks. And overheated socks can start a fire.

Fluffy Socks:

Fluffy socks can’t be put in a microwave oven in any condition. It’s because these fluffy socks are made of 98% polyester and a 2% spandex blend. And, polyester is a synthetic material that is highly potential to get melted upon coming in contact with high heat.

As a result, if you put your fluffy socks in the microwave to dry them or to perish fungus the heat will make the socks overheated, and eventually, they will melt which can even start a fire and risk lives.

Cotton Socks:

Only cotton socks are somewhat microwavable of all types of socks and socks materials. However, it’s never recommended to put cotton socks in the microwave, instead, it should be your very last choice.

And if you really need to microwave your cotton sock, make it very sure that the cotton socks are pure cotton socks and don’t contain any synthetic materials or metal accessories.

Is It Safe To Put A Sock In The Microwave?

It’s terribly unsafe and dangerous to put a sock in the microwave because the heat from the microwave doesn’t dry socks, rather heat them up and overheated socks are a good means of starting a fire and risking people’s lives.

Besides, socks aren’t made with any oven-proof materials because microwave ovens are not meant for drying clothing items. 

So if you put socks in the microwave, apart from causing a fire, those socks can even get melted as many socks contain synthetic materials and metal embellishments.

Moreover, attempting to dry socks in the microwave can also ruin the functionality of the microwave permanently. Thereby, from every aspect, it’s not safe to put socks in the microwave.

What Happens If You Put Socks In The Microwave?

Putting socks in the microwave can bring many disasters, so if you are unaware of the exact dangers, it can be riskier for you and your family’s lives. Thence, for your own safety go through the explanations below where the possible accidents are pointed out.

Create A Fire:

A fire caused by overheated/burnt socks inside the microwave is the most dangerous incident of all that possibly can surely take place.

If you put your wet socks in the microwave, indeed the microwave will heat the water molecules from both outside and inside the wet socks (inside the socks’ fiber). 

And if the water molecules overheat, it can even burn the socks and make the socks catch a fire which surely will make the microwave and even the house catch fire.

Damage The Microwave:

It has been mentioned already above that other than setting a fire, your microwave can permanently be damaged if you put socks in a microwave to dry.

It’s because socks aren’t made of any microwavable fabric. When you will be putting your socks in the microwave, due to overheating the socks can get burnt and the locked smoke can damage the functionality of the microwave.

And if it’s not the smoke, the locked heat inside the microwave can also damage the microwave’s functionality permanently.

Ruined Socks:

Socks made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and others are highly potential to get melted if they come in contact with heat. So if you put such synthetic socks in a microwave, the material surely will melt and ruin both the socks and the oven.

Also, if the socks contain any metallic thread designs, embellishments, or elastic, those will also melt in the microwave oven and ruin the socks.

Discolored Socks:

Making the socks discolored is another probable occurrence if you put socks in the microwave. The microwave heat can discolor the socks and make them non-wearable, even if you have put 100% cotton socks.

Misshaped Socks:

If your socks are made of blended materials such as cotton or other natural fiber is blended with any synthetic fiber, the socks might lose their original shape due to high microwave heat. 

This means you will not get the same sized or shaped socks that you have had put in the microwave before to dry them.

How Long Do You Put A Rice Sock In The Microwave?

To make such a quick and easy rice sock heating pad to soothe pains, you only have to put a 100% pure cotton sock filled with rice and essential oil (if you want) in the microwave for 3 minutes or less than 2 minutes.

Most of the time, two minutes is sufficient for warming up a rice sock nicely in the microwave. However, if you want warmer rice rock, put it for 3 minutes at the highest.

And after warming up the rice sock in the microwave for 1 minute, check and feel the warmth first then put it again for another 1-2 minutes.

Don’t put a rice sock in the microwave for more than 3 minutes, it can be hot enough to burn your skin.

How To Dry Socks In The Microwave?

Thinking of drying your wet socks in the microwave should be the very last option, as it’s a dangerous activity, and note that we don’t support or suggest you dry socks in the microwave. 

However, still many of you might want to know the process, so just for your knowledge below the step-by-step guide is explained.

Wring The Socks Very Well:

After washing the socks, wring them off well so that the socks don’t contain any dripping water. And always put washed socks only, don’t put dirty wet socks as it will make the microwave stinky.

Dab The Socks With Tissue:

After that, dab the socks with kitchen towel tissues so that the last bit of dripping water is absorbed and the socks become damp, not soggy.

Place Them In Microwave:

Then, place the socks on the microwave plate and make sure that the socks are separated from each other. And set the microwave oven for 2 minutes only. When the timer is off, take a fork or any utensil with a long handle to take the socks out of the oven.

Don’t pick them up with your hand as the socks are hot enough to burn your skin, also make sure not to put anything else inside the microwave while drying socks in them.

Put Them On Rack:

As the microwave doesn’t really dry the socks that can be considered wearable, to dry them properly put the heated socks on the clothing rack under air and air dry them lastly.

What Kind Of Socks Can You Microwave?

Only cotton socks are somewhat approved to microwave if you actually have no other options to dry your wet socks.

And bear in mind that the socks have to be 100% pure cotton socks. 

You can’t put cotton socks blended with synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon or others, nor the cotton socks can have any kind of metallic thread or embellishments, these types of cotton socks are prone to get melted or catch fire.

Final Thoughts

Nobody can’t use a microwave oven to dry wet socks because putting socks in a microwave oven is a highly dangerous activity as it can ignite a fire risk. Moreover, the materials of socks aren’t microwavable, and sometimes the microwave can get damaged as well due to synthetic socks.