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Can You Convert a Gas Dryer to an Electric? (Quick Facts)

The best appliance to dry your clothes after washing is a dryer. Dryers come in different options. Gas dryers and electric dryers are very efficient in drying your clothes. 

They save a lot of your time and are as important as washing machines.But can you convert one to another? Let’s check out.

Can you convert a gas dryer to an electric?

You can convert a gas dryer to an electric one through a change in the whole structure of the dryer and the outlet as well. You have to replace the working parts of the gas dryer with an electric kit at first. Then the plug-in outlet needs to be changed to support the power-up of the machine.

Various companies manufacture dryers of different kinds. Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool manufactures both electric and gas dryers.

Bosch even makes dryers and washers in the same machine. You will also find this feature in Kenmore and LG dryers.

The gas dryers of these companies can be converted to electric ones if they provide enough compatible parts for the conversion. Otherwise, it will become a hassle to convert gas dryers to electric ones. And will even cost a lot of money.

Is it hard to switch from gas to electric dryer?

The parts and working mechanisms of gas dryers and electric dryers are different to a great extent. If you switch from a gas dryer to an electric dryer, it will be a little hard and cost you a huge amount of money.

The main difference is in control panels or consoles. The wiring and appliances are also different.

The hard part of conversion is in the computer-controlled parts of the electric dryer. It might become too expensive to convert. That is, it might not be a feasible option.

The sensors, controls, relays, etc., are to be replaced or changed. It might be challenging to some extent.

So, in some sense, it is hard and not even cost-effective to convert a gas dryer to an electric dryer. You can even buy a new electric dryer rather than converting a gas one to an electric one.

How to convert a gas dryer to an electric?

Converting a gas dryer can be done by maintaining some simple steps. Check below to know more.

Removal of gas dryer-specific parts:

The gas dryer parts solely built for gas drying need to go out first. It includes the igniter, the coils, valves, burner assembly, etc.

Replacement with an electric dryer heater kit:

After that, you will need a 240 Volts electric heater kit. The electric heating kit must have in-built assemblies of wire, fuse, and thermostat.

The mounting holes:

In the duct of the heater, mounting holes are existent beforehand. There are cutouts as well, and from this, the 3/4 prong cord needs to be inserted.

Wiring changes:

Wiring must be compatible with the new model of electric dryer you are using in place of the gas dryer.

You have to pay attention to the model and the serial number of the dryer. According to that, select the control panel of the wiring and security harness assembly.

Changing hookups:

Both the dryers need different hookups or electric outlets. Make sure to change from 110 Volts to 240 Volts.

Cleaning the existing lint:

A vacuum cleaner can clean the lint inside the gas dryer. It is also safe to use, as all the parts disassemble to convert the dryer into an electric one.

Call an expert:

If you are unsure about the steps, call the expert technicians and let them do the task. Leaving it to the experts can save a lot of your time and ensure proper conversion as well.

How much does it cost to convert gas to an electric dryer?

Converting a gas dryer into an electric dryer is a troublesome process. The dryer parts are not all similar. There are computer-operated parts in electric ones as well, which needs to be updated. Moreover, they need different kinds of electric outlets as well.

So, the cost of converting all these will be included to convert a gas dryer into an electric dryer. And this is not a cost-effective project. 

The conversion can cost from 300$ up to 750$. It can cost even more if you are changing the wiring connections and installing new ones. Also, the labor cost varies from place to place.

What is the difference between a gas dryer and an electric dryer?

The whole mechanism is different for both. So let’s get to know the core differences for gas and electric dryers.

Working mechanism:

For the generation of heat, gas dryers use propane or natural gas. Electric dryers use electricity to generate heat in the dryer.

Hookups or outlet:

Although gas dryers and electric dryers use different methods to dry clothes. But, both these dryers need electricity for powering up the controls.

A gas dryer needs a standard 110 Volt or 115 Volt outlet to power up. An electric dryer needs a 240 Volt outlet with 3/4 prongs, which are common in laundry places.

Gas line or source:

Gas dryers need a gas line or gas source in the installation place to function. Gas dryers cannot function without a gas source.

An electric dryer can work solely on electricity. It does not need any other source to work or function.

Heating time:

Gas dryers heat up faster than electric dryers. Gas burners are used for gas dryers, which facilitates them to heat up faster than electric dryers.

Purchasing cost:

The purchasing cost of electric dryers is lower than gas dryers.

Operating cost:

Gas dryers use less electricity, and they use natural gas or propane as the source. So, compared to the cost of electricity with gas, the overall operating cost of gas dryers is lower than electric dryers.


The installation of electric dryers is easier than the gas ones. You need to connect or plug it into an electric outlet to function. But gas dryers need to be connected to a gas line as well.

Vent options:

Gas and electric dryers need external vents to pass the wet air outside. Gas dryers do not come in vent-less options. But some expensive electric dryers are ventless.

Efficiency level:

Gas dryers are more energy-efficient than electric dryers because of their working mechanism.

Benefits of converting gas dryer to electric dryer:

There can be multiple benefits of converting your gas dryer to an electric one. Let’s find out.

Easy installation:

Electric dryers are easy to operate and install. They run on electricity and only require a plug-in set up to operate. 

Easy repairing:

Since electric dryers do not have a complex structure of gas burner and other components, these dryers are easy to repair in case of any turbulence. 

Simple mechanism:

In an electric dryer, the heating procedure is completed using a heating element.

There is a coil in the dryer which heats up with electricity. Then it sends the hot air to the drying drum with the help of a blower or fan.

No need for gas source:

In the case of gas dryers, you need a gas source to heat the air first. Natural gas or propane is the option of gas to heat the dryer. You also need to connect this to the electricity source to power it up.

For electric dryers, you only need electricity to operate them.

Less hassle:

Although the energy efficiency of gas dryers is high, electric dryers are easy to operate and less costly to buy.

How much does it cost to install an electric dryer outlet?

An electric dryer outlet installation cost varies from place to place. It also depends on a few factors and the structure of the establishment where you are installing it.

Some of the factors that determine the cost of installation of electric dryer outlets are :

  • Length of the circuit
  • Power rating
  • Accessibility
  • Rate of labor
  • Panel upgrade costs, etc.

The costing varies in different states. The installation cost ranges from 150$ to 300$ throughout the country for exposable cables of 30-foot circuits.

If you are upgrading your circuit, it can cost you an extra 70$-100$ approximately.

How long do gas dryers last?

Gas dryers are as important as washing machines in the house. They can function for a long time if you properly use them.

The average lifespan of gas dryers is from 8-13 years. The quality of the dryer parts and their maintenance determines their longevity.

If you roughly use your dryer, it will not last long. But if you use it systematically, it can even last longer than its lifespan. Moreover, by repairing your dryer with some money, you can make it last for more than one or two years after its lifespan.

Final Thoughts 

Conversion of gas dryers into electric ones is possible. But you have to change a lot of parts and connections for the purpose. It is a long process and requires expertise as well. The working mechanisms of these dryers are different, and thus they require extensive change for the conversion.