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Can a Shower Filter Help with Hard Water? (Answered)

The basic functionality of a shower filter is to remove contaminants from it and make it safer to use. The shower filter consists of different types of minerals stored in layers inside of it. In this article, we will discuss the shower filter.

Can a shower filter help with hard water? 

The function of a shower filter is to clean the water and remove toxic contaminants from it. But it doesn’t help with hard water. It purifies the water using various minerals and collects harmful elements like iron. It helps filter water and reduces water contamination to make the water usable.

You might think that the water you are using might be coming from a clean source to your bathroom. But the water might have different types of polluted elements and minerals mixed in it.

These elements mixed in the water make it hard and cause damage to the body and hair. That is why you can install a shower filter in the bathroom to cleanse the water very easily.

Water goes through the minerals present in the shower filter and the minerals simply remove the wastes from it. You can adjust the shower filter by yourself. 

The shower filter usually removes toxic particles from the water by running them through the minerals present in it. It also helps in hard water. At the same time, in case of contaminated water, it will filter the polluting elements of water.

Typically, polluted water contains harmful contaminants such as iron, lead, chlorine, and other chemicals. Using the contaminated particle mixed water for a long time might cause serious damage to your skin.

It might dry up your skin as well as make the skin irritated and start itching. Taking shower regularly using hard water can cause hair damage such as your hair might become dull, brittle, and flat.

The shower filter has the same functionality as the regular water filter to remove these toxic elements from the water to hold the texture of your hair.

Installing the shower filter is a great choice if you are living in such area where you can smell chlorine or bad odor in the running water.

The shower filter will work to sift out chlorine, iron, lead, and other harmful chemicals from the water and make it softer to use.

Do shower filters soften water? What does it do? 

Generally, the shower filter doesn’t help soften the water. If you are living in an area where you notice the water you use regularly has harmful chemicals such as chlorine, iron, lead or unpleasant present in it.

You can install a shower filter in the shower to prevent these harmful chemicals from coming down to you and causing damage to your hair and body. Using the polluted water regularly will cause serious skin damage since the water is hard.

But the shower filter will separate the contaminants from the water and accumulate them as sediment. 

The shower filter has multiple layers of naturally extracted minerals placed in it. When water is run down through the shower filter, it has to go through all the mineral element layers.

Each time the water passes through the mineral layer, it cleanses up the water by filtering the toxic particles from it. As a result, you will get clean harmless water.

3 reasons why shower filter doesn’t help with hard water

In case you are facing any issue with your hair or skin after taking shower, this might be a reason for the water being polluted.

One of the common reasons for this is, the water contains some harmful chemical particles which can cause damage to the scalp and skin. The water might feel hardened if it contains lead, iron, and chlorine in it.

Having iron in water makes the water hard and if you wash your hair using that water, it will make your hair stiffer. Besides, water contains chemicals that you can easily notice by smelling the water.

The water will contain a bad odor. So, there is only one way to solve this issue and that is, setting up a shower filter.

There are plenty of reasons why a shower filter is helpful to solve water-related problems. Some of the reasons why shower filter doesn’t help with hard water are described below: 

They don’t have salt removing particle:

Although the shower filters contain various types of minerals to clean the water, they lack salt-removing particles in them.

Salt is one of the main factors that cause the water to become hardened. But the shower filter doesn’t have any salt-removing particles in it.

They can’t filter calcium, magnesium, chalk:

Apart from chlorine, iron, lead, and other chemicals, some elements remain dissolved in the water such as calcium, magnesium, and chalk. These cannot be filtered using the shower filter.  

They don’t have softeners enabled:

The softener that is commonly used to soften the water is not present in the shower filter. So, it is unable to filter the water from hardening. 

How to filter shower hard water?

Since the shower filter is unable to filter hard water, some other ways can help you to soften the hard water from the shower filter. You can apply water softeners to the shower filters.

Although they are quite expensive and cost up to 200$, they will be a great option for softening the water. Besides, you can also try using bath salts or baking soda in your water to soften it.

This will reduce the hassle and help you prevent hard water from damaging the skin and hair of your body. You need to remember that, using a reverse-osmosis filter will also do the job to soften the hard water to reduce the hardness of the water.

How do I reduce the hard water in my shower?

It is frustrating if spending a lot of money on a different type of shower filter cannot fix the hard water issue. But, using hard water on a long-term basis will cause serious damage to your body, skin, and hair.

The hard water will make your hair stiffer. Apart from that, it will also cause itching, roughness, and irritation to your skin. You might get infected with serious skin diseases as well.

So, there are some instructions for you. By following them you can also get soft water from the shower. They are described below: 

Install a water softener:

You already know that the shower filter is only able to accumulate toxic particles and accumulate them as sediment.

They cannot filter the dissolved chemicals or elements which are mainly causing damage to your body, hair, and skin. Installing a water softener will do the job.

A water softener costs around 200$ but will be the best option to save your skin from harmful contaminants.

Apply baking soda:

The hard water also has some materials that cause drying up your skin. So, apart from installing a shower filter, you can also add baking soda or bath salts to eliminate the dry effect of water. This will be a more convenient way to solve the issue.

Add a water treatment filter:

Adding a reverse osmosis filtration system will do the job to soften the water as well. This is an investment that will provide softened water on a long-term basis.

How can I soften the water in my house shower?

There are many ways to soften the water in your house shower. If you keep using the hard water in the shower, it will cause serious damage to your skin, scalp, and body as well.

Installing a shower filter will only be able to filter out the contaminants and toxic particles from the water since it has mineral essences placed in different layers. But the shower filters cannot filter the chemicals that are present in the water dissolved.

So. You will need to take some steps to remove the dissolved chemicals and materials from the water to make it softened and convenient to use. The steps are mentioned below:

Add a water softener:

The first thing you’d like to do is add some water softeners into the water tank. It will reduce the hardness of the water. Although the water softener is slightly expensive and will cost you around 200$.

Boil the water:

If you have a geyser in your house, you can boil the water using the geyser to eliminate excess contaminated particles from the water.

Maintain the softener:

As you follow the steps, don’t forget to maintain the amount of the softener added to the water. Following this step will significantly reduce the chemical particles present in the water and make it soft.

Final thoughts 

Although the shower filter helps to filter out the contaminated particles from the water, it cannot manage to filter out the dissolved particles that cause the water to become softened. So, using bath salts or water softeners will hopefully solve the issue accordingly and make the water softer.