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Can Mini Fridge be Transported on Its Side? (Explained)

If you are going to transport your mini-fridge then you should be aware of the proper way to move it from one place to another without causing any damage.

If you are thinking of transferring the fridge on its side then you should be aware of how to do it properly and if there are any plausible risks attached to doing so. 

Can mini-fridge be transported on its side?

It is recommended that while transferring a fridge, regardless of its size, you should transport it in an upright position. It is to protect your fridge from any kind of damage once you plug it in for use. Putting it on its side can end up damaging the compressor inside the fridge.c

It is highly suggested that you follow basic protocols when you move your fridge to avoid any kind of damage. One of those protocols includes transferring the fridge in an upright position throughout the move.

You might be wondering that since your fridge is of mini size nothing bad can happen but that is a wrong conception. If you end up traveling your mini-fridge on its side then there is a huge risk of damaging the compressor inside it. This can prevent your fridge from working properly. 

However, if you still end up transferring your fridge on its side then ensure to keep it standing upright for at least an entire day before you plug it in and start using it. 

What happens if you tilt or put a mini-fridge on its side?

The main issue that can occur if you tilt or put a mini-fridge on its side is the refrigerant oil that is present in the compressor tube of your fridge might seep out. This in turn might end up obstructing the path of the fridge’s coolant lines.

If you turn on your fridge before the oil can flow right back, the cylinder might end up getting damaged while actively trying to compress the refrigerant oil. This will damage the functions of your fridge and thus prevent your fridge from getting cold. 

Can you transport a brand new mini-fridge on its side?

The issue with the compressor oil persists whether it is a used fridge or a brand new one. Even with a brand new fridge, there is a chance of the oil from the compressor flowing into the coolant lines.

This might end up damaging your brand new fridge if you do not let the time for the oil to settle back. It is the best idea in your favor to transport your brand new fridge in a way so that the compressor is facing the top. 

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Can a mini-fridge be transported laying down on its back?

It is highly recommended to not transport your mini-fridge on its back. The entire weight of the fridge, despite being mini, can end up damaging the internal mechanics and parts of the fridge and you will not realize until you start using it.

There are certain fluids inside the fridge’s motors that might end up seeping into unwanted places and damaging the functions of your mini-fridge. The weight can also end up harming certain internal parts. 

Do mini-fridges need to be transported upright?

You will have certain instructions and manuals you need to follow according to the brand when you purchase a mini-fridge.

Almost all fridges require you to transport them in an upright position to avoid any kind of damage inflicted on the internal parts and mechanics of the fridge. 

How to transport mini-fridge on its side?

Even though it is recommended to not transport a mini-fridge on its side, if you are compelled to do so then there are certain tips you must keep in mind.

You must always check the transportation instructions of any brand of fridge you buy to avoid any kind of internal or external damage to your fridge. 

When it comes to Whirlpool’s mini-fridge you can transport your mini-fridge by laying it on its side. However, after transportation, you must ensure to keep it upright for at least one day before switching it on and using it to avoid damaging the compressor of your fridge.

If you cannot transport your Galanz mini-fridge upright for some pertaining issues then at least lay it on the side where the compressor is present. 

Frigidaire is built-in fridges and you must avoid transporting on its side at all costs because it will end up damaging the internal parts of the fridge. Similarly, if your magic chef mini-fridge is not frost-free then you can, without any worries, transport it on its side.

However, do keep it upright for at least a couple of hours before you decide to plug it in and use it. 

How long should you let a mini-fridge settle?

If you end up transporting your mini-fridge on its side then you will have to let it rest at least for the amount of time you let it lay on its side or for at least 24 hours.

In this way, you will give it enough time for all the oil to seep back into the compressor and avoid damaging it once you turn your fridge on. 

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How to properly transport a mini-fridge?

When transporting a mini-fridge you must follow the instruction manuals provided by the brand you buy from. Other than that, there are also a few extra tips you should keep in mind to avoid any external or internal damage. 

Clean And Defrost:

Before transporting your mini-fridge make sure to clean the inside properly with water and baking soda. Turn your fridge off and let it sit out for a couple of hours to defrost and you can also use a hairdryer to melt off any persistent ice bits.

Properly disconnect the fridge according to the instructions provided by the company you got the mini-fridge from. 

Protect the interior and exterior:

You should keep away any loose items you have inside your fridge like the shelves to avoid damaging them during the move. Also, wrap your fridge in a thick blanket to avoid damaging the exterior. 

Secure your fridge properly:

Strap your fridge tightly onto a dolly. It is recommended that you transport your fridge upright. Be sure to check the user manual and follow the instructions. Some fridges cannot be transported on their sides as there are high risks of damage.

On the other hand, some fridges can be transported on the sides where the compressor is not present to avoid any internal damage. 

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Transportation process:

Make sure to place your fridge on the dolly evenly and secure it tightly. Ensure that it is not tilted any more than forty-five degrees and ensure to avoid trucking it from the front.

Secure your fridge properly to the truck so that it does not move at all during transportation. 

After transportation:

If you end up laying your mini-fridge on its sides then ensure to keep it upright for at least 24 hours before plugging it in and using it.

You need to give it sufficient time for the oil to seep back into the compressor or it may get damaged and your cooling system will be hampered. If you transport it upright then you can wait for 30 minutes to an hour before plugging your fridge in and using it. 

Can you put a mini-fridge in a car?

If your car has enough space for it to encompass riding a mini-fridge upright then you can transport it using your car.

Do keep in mind it is quite risky because the strapping will not be as secure as it will be in a van or truck and there is a lot of ground for your fridge to move around which can lead to it issue like internal or even external damage. 

Will a mini-fridge fit in a car?

You will have to measure it to be fully sure but mini-fridges are usually compact enough to properly fit in a car. Though more often than not you might have to end up transporting it on its side for it to fit better in your car and not have external damage.

This can get quite risky as the compressor oil may seep out and end up damaging the internal mechanics of your mini-fridge. 

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How to fit a mini-fridge in a car?

If you cannot fit it in an upright position in your car then you will have to resort to laying it on its side. In that case, make sure to lay it on the side where the compressor unit is, use a blanket and strap it in properly to keep it safe.

This will reduce the risk of having any internal damage but you will have to ensure to keep your fridge upright for at least a day before using it. 

How to move a mini-fridge by yourself?

If you want to save money and move your fridge by yourself then ensure to read the instructions properly. Have all the necessary items at hand such as a dolly, a blanket, ropes, and gloves. Keep at least one person to help you strap your fridge onto the dolly and move it around without harming it. 

Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your mini fridge and cannot fix them, you can contact your mini fridge brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Mini Fridge BrandSupport Page For Repair & ServiceContact Number
FrigidaireSupport Page1-800-374-4432
Haier Support Page1-877-337-3639
Danby Support Page1-602-777-7061
Black and Decker Support PageN/A
Magic Chef Support Page1-888-775-0202
Kenmore Support Page1-844-553-6667
Whirlpool Support Page1-866-698-2538
IglooSupport Page1-800-273-7024
RCASupport Page1-800-968-9853
Avanti Support Page1-800-220-5570
Galanz Support Page1-800-562-0738

Final Thoughts:

Even though it is not recommended, if you have no other option but to transport your mini-fridge on its side then be sure to lay it on the side of the compressor unit. Keep it upright for at least an entire day before you use it so that the cooling mechanism of the fridge is not damaged.

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