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Can I Use Steel, Ceramic, & Plastic Bowls in An Air Fryer?

Normally, we all use an extra bowl or container in an air fryer while baking and cooking any dishes rather than fries. However, bowls or containers made of any kind of material are not suitable to use in an air fryer.

As a result, if you are not so aware of exactly which material and type of bowls you can use in an air fryer, it may bring up a question in your mind that can you use steel, ceramic, and plastic bowls in air fryers or not. Therefore, let’s quickly find out the answers. 

Can You Use Aluminum Pans In An Air Fryer?

Aluminum pans can be used in the air fryer. Because aluminum pans are high heat resistible and can tolerate heat up to 550° F. Also, these pans are lightweight, durable, non-sticky, and come with superheat conductivity quality which makes them a good option for cooking food evenly in an air fryer.

Can You Use Aluminum Foil Pans In A Fryer?

You can use aluminum foil pans in an air fryer as long as the aluminum foil is held back by the food’s weight to prevent the foil pan from being flung in the heating component. Otherwise, the foil pan will get blown away and can cause a fire.

Besides, make sure to place the aluminum foil pan into the food basket only, don’t put it into the lower basket. And always keep enough room for hot airflow to cook food evenly. 

Also, remember strictly that you should never put acidic food inside the aluminum foil pans as acidic food can decompose the foil pan. 

Is It Safe To Use Disposable Aluminum Pans In The Air Fryer? 

It’s considered safe to use disposable aluminum pans in the fryer if the pans are BPA compound free, high heat resistible, and safety instructions are painted properly while using them. 

Moreover, know that you can’t put any kind of acidic foods and fruits in the disposable aluminum foil pan as the aluminum will react to food’s acids. And will leave black aluminum crumbs on the cooked food.  

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How To Use An Aluminum Pan In The Fryer? Where To Place?

While using an aluminum foil pan in the air fryer, always place it in the middle of the food basket and always enough food weight to hold down the foil paper in the air fryer.

Also, leave enough area/holes around the aluminum foil pan so that hot air can flow easily and evenly between the foods. 

And remember to place the aluminum foil pan or inside the cooking basket. You never should place the aluminum foil pan onto the bottom part which is under the food basket to collect grease and food mess. 

Can I Use A Ceramic Bowl In The Air Fryer?

A ceramic bowl is one type of ceramic crockery that has no metal and can be used in the air fryer. As ceramic bowls are heat-resistant, don’t melt down, are easy to clean, and the coating doesn’t flake. Besides, any ceramic cookware is also as suitable as ceramic bowls to be used for air fryers.

Is A Ceramic Air Fryer Safe?

A ceramic air fryer is absolutely safe because it is free from all harmful chemicals such as BPA, PTFE, Teflon, PFOA, and lethal compounds. So if you cook food in them using an air fryer, it’s harmless to your health. 

Moreover, ceramic air fryers are more tolerant to high heat and durable which also make them a safer option to use.

Also, ceramic is nonmetallic and a man made material that is environment-friendly as well, so choosing an air fryer with a ceramic frying basket is a healthy and safe choice to use in daily life. 

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3 Reasons Why You Can Use Ceramic Bowl In Air Fryer? 


Ceramic bowls are high heat-resistant. So the bowls can withstand heat coming out from the air fryer without any issues while using them for cooking purposes. 

Hold Shape: 

Since ceramic bowls are tolerant of heat, they don’t melt down when they come into contact with high heat, rather their shape remains the same as before.

Does Not Flake Or Peel: 

The coating of ceramic bowls doesn’t flake or get peeled off due to high heat or reusing aging and again. So you can use one ceramic now for a long time. 

Can I Use Stainless Steel In An Air Fryer? 

Stainless steel is safe and suitable to use in an air fryer only if it is titled as oven safe. Because ovenproof stainless steel containers can endure heat up to 500°F for an extended time without getting melted. But if the bowls have paint/artwork that can melt, they can’t be used in an air fryer.

Can Metal Be Used In Air Fryers? Is It Safe?

You can use metal-made bowls or containers separately in the air fryers to cook and bake foods as long as these cookware are labeled to be ovenproof.

As any oven proof cookware is tolerant of high heat that usually can go up to 500°F, therefore, these cookware can also stay in the air fryer for a long time without getting damaged. 

And know that metal-made cookware is safe to use unless they have some paint on them that has the potential to meltdown, so it’s better not to use such painted metal cookware in the air fryer. 

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Do Any Air Fryers Have Stainless Steel Baskets?

There are many reputable brands that manufacture air fryers with stainless steel frying baskets. One of them is Philips, “Philips Air Fryer With Stainless Steel Basket” is one of the best and most recommended ones. 

Besides, the “Avalon Bay Stainless Steel Air Basket” and the “Chefman Stainless Air Fryer” are the other two best air fryers that come with stainless steel frying baskets.  

What Metals Can Be Put In An Air Fryer?

Cast Iron: 

Cast iron made skillets and pans are quite popular cookware that can be used in an air fryer. Because cast iron is capable of maintaining heat and keeping the flavor from earlier cooked food. 

Stainless Steel: 

Cookware made of stainless steel is the other metal-made stuff that can be put in an air fryer if those are oven proof and free from any paint, plastic handle, and artwork. 


Aluminum is the most commonly used metal that perfectly can be placed inside an air fryer. As aluminum-made bowls, containers, and foil pans are heat-reluctant and susceptible to use. 

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Can I Use A Plastic Bowl In The Air Fryer?

Plastic-made bowls or any other type of plastic containers are totally inappropriate to be used in the air fryer.  Because plastic bowls/containers are not heatproof, so if they are put in the air fryer, high heat will make the bowls melt down. Also, it can significantly damage the air fryer. 

Is Air Fryer Plastic Safe?

Air fryers are not plastic safe if you are intending to use plastic bowls or containers in air fryers to cool food. Plastic can not withstand the high heat of air fryers, as a result if you use plastic in the air fryers, you are simply going to ruin your machine.

Because plastic will eventually melt and will create a mess inside the fryer that may permanently damage the air fryer.

And in terms of plastic made air fryers, the plastic is considered to be safe. As the manufacturing companies have claimed that the plastic they are using to make these machines is BPA-free. 

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Plastic Bowls In Air Fryers?

Melts down: 

Plastic-made bowls/containers are highly prone to get melted down if they are put in an air fryer. Even there’s no guarantee with microwaveable plastic bowls, as they can also melt and shrivel. 

It’s simply because the temperature of air fryers goes up to 400°F and plastic bowls can’t tolerate it. 

Damages The Air Fryer: 

Plastic bowls can permanently damage the air fryer machine. As high heat melts down plastic bowls, and melted plastic can create a mess inside the air fryer which can ruin the air fryer. 

Can Silicone Molds Be Used In Air Fryers?

Silicon molds that are food-grade quality approved are safe to be used in air fryers while preparing foods. Because the FDA stated that these silicone molds can endure up to 500° F heat, don’t shrivel and cause damage to the machine, and don’t contaminate the food with any other adulterant. 

Are Silicone Molds Safe In Air Fryers?

Silicon molds are considered as safe as any ceramic, metal, aluminum, or stainless steel cookware to be used in the air fryers. 

It’s because silicon molds are manufactured ovenproof, so they are great at being used for cooking at temperatures as high as 500° F. Therefore, they will not melt down due to the high heat of air fryers and are safe to utilize while baking/cooking in air fryers. 

Also, the FDA (U.S. Food And Drug Administration) has approved that those silicon molds that stand on the margin of medical standards regarding silicon molds can be used in air fryers. As these molds will not adulterate food with any other adulterant released by the molds. 

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How Do You Use Silicone Cups In The Air Fryer?

Using silicone cups in the air fryer is really easy and safe as using other materials made from bowls or containers. 

To cook/bake anything using silicone cups, first, you have to make sure that you are not overfilling the cups. Either use a measuring cup or fill only ¾ of the cups so that after placing the silicone cups in the fryers, the food doesn’t spill over inside the frying basket. 

Also, you must put the cups in the middle of the frying basket. And allow the frying basket to have enough room for free airflow so that the food gets baked/cooked evenly. 

Do You Need Any Special Pans For An Air Fryer? 

Necessarily, you don’t need any special pans to use in an air fryer. If the pans you use regularly for cooking/baking purposes are oven proof and fit well, you can use those for an air fryer.

So basically any ceramic, silicone, metal, or aluminum made pans or molds can easily be used in air fryers as long as they are in the right size and tolerant of high heat, and don’t melt or get misshapen due to heat. 

What Kind Of Pans Can You Use In An Air Fryer?

Here is a list of pans that are suitable to be used in an air fryer. 

  • Ceramic pans
  • Aluminum pans
  • Silicone pans 
  • Stainless steel pans 
  • Cast iron mini lose pans
  • Copper pans (detachable handles) 
  • Non-stick Teflon muffin pans 

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Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your air fryer and cannot fix them, you can contact your air fryer brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Air Fryer Brand Name Support Page For Repair & Service Contact
Power Air FryerSupport Page973-287-5197
Ninja Air FryerSupport Page866-826-6941
Chefman Air FryerSupport Page(865) 269-2433
Nuwave Air FryerSupport Page877-689-2838
Gourmia Air FryerSupport Page888-552-0033
Cosori Air FryerSupport Page888-402-1684
Dash Air FryerSupport Page800-898-6970
Cuisinart Air FryerSupport Page1-800-726-0190
Philips Air FryerSupport PageN/A
Big Boss Air FryerSupport Page212-689-9094
Crux Air FryerSupport Page866-832-4843
Gowise Air FryerSupport Page855-233-9199
Black And Decker Air FryerSupport PageN/A
Secura Air FryerSupport Page1-888-792-2360
Oster Air FryerSupport Page1-800-334-0759
Morphy Richards Air FryerSupport Page0344-871-0944

Final Thoughts: 

Stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum made bowls, and silicon made molds are appropriate for use in air fryers because they are heat-proof and don’t get melted down. However, plastic made bowls are strictly prohibited to use in air fryers as plastic melts and can damage the machine.

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