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Can I Use Flexible Pipe for Water Heater? (Read This First!)

Flexible pipe is an excellent choice for people who need to change their existing gasoline pipe or other pipes. It will give you a flexible fit pretty everywhere and will last for years.

Stainless steel, plastic layers, and other high-quality materials make the flexible pipe. If you use them, you’ll get the best support from them, and they will be an excellent fit for most of your appliances.

Can I use flexible pipe for a water heater?

You can use the flexible pipe for the water heater since it has the high-quality material to bear the pressure and fit your water heater. The flex hose will mainly become the most interesting part that will give you the best fittings on every water heating appliance or other gasoline appliance.

The water heater is a must-have home appliance in winter. It will be your family member without whom you cannot spend a day, let alone a week.

When installing the water heater in your home, you will need additional components to run the heater correctly. You cannot just install and directly use your water heater.

Here comes the term pipe. Your water heater will ask for a better pipe installation too. You will have two options or two types of pipes. One is rigid, and the other one is a flex pipe. The flex pipe has a flex hose that allows it to fit the water heater.

Also, the build materials will be another excellent reason you should use the flex pipe on your water heater. If you have the option to use the flex pipe, don’t look for anything else. Just go and purchase the flex pipe without any doubt.

If you’re living in an earthquake danger state, your state must advise you to use the flex pipe for your water heater. You cannot use the rigid pipe there.

It’s safe and will protect your sensations from earthquake damage. Mainly the flexible construction helps the pipe to stay safe in earthquakes.

Also, some water heaters won’t allow you to use the rigid or straight pipe on the hose. You must be careful about the manufacturer’s instructions since most of them will ask you to use the flex pipe to get a better and more secure service from the water heater.

Why is flexible pipe used in water heater?

The flexible pipe is used in water heaters because of several reasons. If you read the previous sections, you already get some ideas about the flexible pipe benefits and reasons. But it’s time to get through all the reasons one by one. 


You can use the flex pipe in your water heater because of the build-material first. If you look at the other pipe, particularly the rigid pipe, you won’t get the solid and flexible build materials.

But the flex pipe has the required and long-lasting material to stick to your water heater.


If you consider the safety issues, you won’t find a better solution than the flex pipe. It ensures the highest safety in earthquakes.

If you’re living in a risky earthquake zone, your state must have the role of using the flex pipe in your water heater. 

Using the rigid pipe will know that it won’t give you a flexible user experience. You cannot move or bend it according to your needs. But the flex pipe will provide you with that flexibility.

Manufacturer Instructions:

Most manufacturers won’t give you the option to use the rigid or straight pipe in your water heater.

They will ask you to use the flex pipe because it is safe to use. They might make their heaters hose so that you cannot use the hard pipe fittings.

And you cannot avoid the manufacturer’s instructions. That’s why you should use the flex pipe in your water heater. 

Perfect Fittings:

You won’t find any ideal pipe that will fit your water heater better than the flex pipe.

From its name, you should understand that the pipe has come with flexible fittings and hoses. Therefore, you can install it quickly to fit your water heater perfectly.

So, perfect fitting is the last reason why you can use the flex pipe in a water heater and why other lines are not suitable for it.

Does water heater need special pipe?

A water heater needs a special pipe for its operation smoothly because whenever it makes hot water, it will supply that in a pipe that should be heat tolerant.

Besides, it also needs a special pipe to inlet water from the chamber of a tank that initiates well balanced.

During an installation process of a water heater plumber, some essential things should be taken care of; a specially constructed pipe is one of them.

If two water heater chambers are close, the arrangement is more straightforward as we can make the info supply pipe lengths equivalent to every one of them from a typical tee point.

What type of pipe is used for hot water heater?

Generally, to install a water heater in a house, plumbers always suggest using a CPVC pipe for the hot water heater because it is the ideal pipe in the market. And their characteristics are highly suited to the heater as well.

They are made after adding material that goes through an additional chlorination cycle, giving CPVC better caliber.

Its predominant temperature opposition is shown in the ASTM principles. For every material, CPVC won’t debase with boiling water openness and can, without much of a stretch, be utilized for applications expecting up to 200°F.

So above all, we can say CPVC pipe is ideal for hot water heater installation.

Can I use Flexible pipe for tankless water heater?

You can use a flexible pipe for a tankless water heater because you do not need the carrying pipe whenever you install a tankless water heater.

During this time, you probably use a gas water heater, and it makes hot water inside its chamber that heats the water by burning.

Besides, proficient plumbers say that utilizing a flexible pipe or water line diminishes the chance of accidents.

It is exceptionally protected to utilize flexible funneling on water heaters along these lines. So the main reason is that the flexible pipe is safer than a straight line pipe for the water heater.

How much does it cost to use a flex pipe on a water heater?

The cost of using a flex pipe on a water heater is around $12 to $30, depending on the brand and size of the pipe.

When you consider only the pipes and no labor from a trained technician is included, a 12 inches stainless steel flex pipe price is around 15 USD to 50 USD. If you take labor and other parts into account, it can lead you to a total cost of approximately $150.

What is the difference between rigid and flexible pipe?

You will find three significant differences between rigid and flexible pipes. They are:

Flexible Deformation:

Deformation means flexibility. If you install the pipe to your water heater and want to bend the pipe for some reason or to get a perfect reason, you need a deformation pipe.

Here, the flexible pipe will allow you to decimate it according to your needs. But the rigid pipe won’t deformation. Instead, you will break the pipe if tried harder. It’s not suitable to bend or get the deformation according to your fittings.

Perfect Fittings:

You will find another significant difference here if you consider the fittings.

The flex pipe will allow you to get the best fittings on your water heater. But the rigid pipe won’t give you that. You need to install the rigid pipe according to its build structure.


The big difference between the rigid pipe and flex pipe is the safety. You will get the best fittings for your water heater with the flex pipe, giving you the best security in an earthquake.

But the rigid pipe won’t provide you that safety in earthquake conditions.

Can I use a PVC pipe on the water heater?

You cannot use a PVC pipe on the water heater. PVC pipe has several disadvantages, the most significant of which is that it cannot be utilized in hot water applications.

Because although PVC is a sturdy and resilient material that does not bend when subjected to high pressure, it will begin to degrade and break down over time if you heat PVC to a specific temperature.

The maximum operating temperature of Schedule 40 PVC is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is approximately the same temperature at which hot water is heated in most homes.

Final thoughts

Since flex pipe has flexible fittings and deformation, you can use the flexible pipe in your water heater. It will give you the best service and the best fittings too. You can bend the pipes according to your water heater fittings. Therefore, it will be better in different conditions.