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Can I Use Dryer Balls in Washer Dryer? (Answered)

We all know how crazy our life can be in the city and especially if you are someone that is working 9-5 every day. That is very hard to pull off because we only have some of the hours to either rest or do chores or go out and touch the grass. 

Drying and washing clothes is a chore for someone who lives alone and must deal with that asap to get on with their everyday lives. This is not only a problem for those living alone, it is a concern for the mothers that work all day as well. 

Many products in the market claim to reduce the time of the cleaning and drying process. One of them is the dryer ball. However, does the product work and deliver on its promise? 

Also, another question comes, if the product is usable in a washer dryer or not. Regardless of the questions, we are here to answer them all, keep reading below to know more about the dryer balls. 

Can I use dryer balls in washer dryer?  

You can put dryer balls in the washer dryer. But you cannot wash them inside there. This is because the washer dryer will use hot water to clean the balls. This will make the wool fibers loosen up and damage the wool felt as a result. Thus, dryer balls lose time from their life expectancy. 

The dryer balls can be versatile and efficient even after multiple uses. It might be different for the different materials of the product, but the result remains the same for drying the laundry efficiently. 

However, if you would want to wash the dryer balls, then all you could do is dishwasher them or wash them in the washing machine but not the washer. 

Let us go over the different variants of the dryer balls and check if they all are usable in the washer dryer or not. 

Tumble dryer balls:

These can come in both rubber and plastic materials. They are not much different from plastic dryer balls. The tumbler dryer balls are usable in the washer dryer. Tumbler dryer balls also make a lot of sounds when operating. 

Unlike the wool dryer, they will not degrade in time.

Wool dryer balls:

This is the most traditional dryer ball product line. They are widely used due to the little to no sound functioning. They also last a long time and are reusable as a bonus.

Plastic dryer balls:

Plastic dryer balls are mostly for those people that are allergic to wool. It is similar to the tumble dryer balls. However, it goes without saying that these are usable in the washer and dryer.

One thing you would need to keep in mind is that the plastic dryer balls make a lot of sounds. If that is something you would not want, we would suggest trying the wool dryer balls. 

Can you use dryer balls in a washer dryer combo? 

We understand that dryer balls are fragile products that are made of wool. They will lose the tightening in between them if they are exposed to prolonged heat. Since the washer dryer uses that mechanism to wash, it will be severe for the dryer balls if we wash them there. 

Moreover, the wool felt will also get damaged if we go ahead and wash the dryer balls in a washer and dryer. However, the result will be different if the washer dryer combo is the one that is being used. 

You can go ahead and use that machine, although make sure to use eco dryer balls during the drying cycle

How do dryer balls work? 

Do you think that the drying process of clothes after washing them is a hassle and time-consuming thing? Do you think that the dryer sheets are not good enough or working properly? You are not wrong or in the dark, if you have these questions.  

To help us save hundreds in gas and money on electricity comes the dryer balls. These are composed of tightly compressed wool. These are sometimes also available in plastic and rubber material. However, the standard is made of wool.  

The dryer balls work in a way that prevents laundry from clumping together while they are in the dryer. This in turn allows the warm air to circulate more efficiently making it possible to reduce the drying time. 

4 reasons why you can use dryer balls in washer dryer 

Dryer balls are usually made from tightened wool. They are used to reduce the friction between your laundry when they are in the dryer. The dryer balls can also be made from rubber or plastic sometimes. 

Furthermore, there are many reasons why you can and should use the dryer balls in the washer dryer. Down below we have made a list of them and briefly discussed why you can use dryer balls in a washer dryer. 

Power Saving Option:

This product saves you a lot of electricity due to the process it goes through when used. Then again, the dryer balls also reduce the amount of gas needed as well. Therefore, we can say that the product is an eco-friendly option. 

Saves Money:

Another reason you could use the dryer balls in the washer is that using them allows us to save money on electricity. 

Saves Time:

Due to how the product functions, it saves you time and makes sure you have more time to do other things and not get late. 

Safe to Use:

As unorthodox as it might seem, the dryer balls upon use will make banging noises. This would indicate a malfunction in other cases. However, this is how the product works, and there is no certain risk factor to it. 

How to use laundry dryer balls in the washing dryer? 

Many people do not know the uses of dryer balls. Some do not even understand the purpose of the product. In short, these are products that help shorten the drying process of your laundry. 

However, in order to use this product, you would need to follow some simple steps. Keep reading below to know more about the procedures. 

Unplug the machine:

Before we put anything in a piece of electrical machinery then we are always recommended that we unplug the machine from any electrical output that it might be connected to. 

Put 2 or 3 dryer balls:

We will get two or three of the dryer balls and put them in the dryer before we plug the machine back again. The amount of balls you give inside the dryer depends on the amount of laundry you have. We proceed to plug in the machine. 

Start the drying process:

We will proceed to start the drying process. Do not be alarmed at this stage if the machine makes a loud thud and banging sounds. Dryer balls can sometimes make sounds when they are tumbling up and down inside the machine. 

Get them a quick wash:

If we start to notice that the dryer balls are not as effective as before and start to give poor results. Then all you have to do is just get them a quick wash in the washing machine and pop them right in the dryer for a nice refresh. 

Final Thoughts 

We can use dryer balls in the washer dryer. However, if the wordplay changes slightly and it says that we can “wash” the dryer balls in the washer dryer, then that will be wrong. Since we cannot wash the dryer balls in the washer dryer but we can use them along with our laundry.