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Can Dryer Balls Damage Dryer? (All You Need to Know)

Dryer balls are very useful for drying clothes in a dryer machine. They do have a lot of benefits but are they safe? Let’s learn about dryer balls; do they damage dryers and clothes, how to use them properly, and many more useful tips. 

Can dryer balls damage the dryer?

Dryer balls do not damage the dryer machine. There are dryer balls made of different types of materials such as wool, plastic, rubber, etc. All of them are dryer friendly and help to dry your clothes properly. Heavy jeans and metal objects of clothing can be problematic to your dryer.

Dryer balls are made of wool, plastic rubber, or sometimes with silicon. They are very lightweight so they don’t cause any damage to your dryer machine.

The dryer’s chamber rotates and passes hot air through clothes. In the process moisture from clothes evaporates and the clothes become dry.

Dryer balls make small air pockets that allow the clothes to dry faster. Without dryer balls, the clothes will clamp together and the clothes will not dry properly.

There are also different types of dryer machines from different brands. Although their primary function is almost the same for all the dryers. 

There are some extra features in some dryers. Such as, LG dryers have a styler steam clothing care system.

However, for every type of dryer and its features, dryer balls should not create any problem for your dryer machine and clothes.

Check out if those dryer balls are safe for the dryer and their features.

Wool dryer balls:

Wool dryer balls are made of compact wool. They are completely safe for your dryer machine and clothes. 

Dryer balls are cheap and long-lasting. Depending on use, they can last about 2-5 years.

Another big advantage of wool dryer balls is they work silently. 

Plastic dryer balls:

Plastic dryer balls don’t damage the dryer. They also work the same as wool balls. Some plastic balls have small curves or soft spikes that allow airflow easily.

But if you have a problem with noise, plastic dryer balls are not for you. Plastic dryer balls make a lot of noise when used.

But the good thing is, they will last until you lose or play baseball with them.

Rubber dryer balls:

Rubber dryer balls do not harm the dryer. They work fine but may cause a rubber burning smell in your clothes.

Some people also use tennis balls as dryer ball, but it also has similar problems as rubber balls.

Silicon dryer balls:

Silicon dryer balls are safe for your dryer. They are not as popular as plastic and wool dryer balls. They work like plastic balls but make less sound.

Are dryer balls bad or safe for your dryer? 

There are no side effects of using dryer balls for your dryer. It helps the dryer machine to dry the clothes faster. So, the dryer machine needs to work less with dryer balls in it. Here are some good features of dryer balls.

Helps to dry clothes perfectly:

dryer balls continuously make air pockets inside a dryer while running. That allows the air to flow inside every clothes equally. As a result, all the clothes get dry equally.

Without a dryer ball, the hot air can not reach every clothes equally and some clothes may remain a bit wet after drying.

Saves time:

Dryer balls save the drying time of your clothes. As the dryer ball helps to airflow smoothly everywhere, the clothes become dry faster. It can reduce the drying time by up to 25%.

Saves money:

When you have to run your dryer for less time, that will eventually consume less electricity. According to a report, about 80% of families in America have a dryer machine and it consumes a big part of household electricity usage.

Also, dryer balls are very long-lasting and can be used for a long time. By modifying dryer balls, you can also get all the advantages of a dryer sheet. So you will not have to spend money on dryer sheets.

How do dryer balls work?

Dryer balls work in a very simple way and are pretty effective to dry your clothes faster and smoother. There are a few different types of dryer balls but their work functions are similar.

When you put a dryer ball and wet clothes inside the dryer and turn on the switch, the dryer ball rolls and moves around the chamber with your clothes.

The movement of dryer balls helps to stop making a big ball of clothes inside the dryer. When the wet clothes roll as a ball-like structure, the clothes that are in the center of the structure remain wet.

What dryer balls do is, make air pockets randomly inside the clothes. That allows the air to reach every clothes. As a result, the clothes can dry faster and equally. 

Can you use dryer balls in these dryers?

Find out if you can use dryer balls in those dryers.

High-efficiency dryers:

It’s safe to use dryer balls in high-efficiency dryers. High efficient dryer means a dryer that uses the most energy for its work. However, the term is used as a marketing plan. There are no real high-efficiency dryers for households.

Washer/dryer combo:

Washer and dryer combos are not so effective in drying parts. However, drying balls can be used in it and it can make it a bit more effective.

Heat pump dryer:

You can use dryer balls for heat pump dryers. But rubber dryer balls are not suitable as heat pump dryers get hotter than normal dryers.

Condenser dryer:

Dryer balls can be used in condenser dryers. But condenser dryers use more energy and dry slower than normal dryers.

How to properly use dryer balls in the dryer?

Using dryer balls is pretty easy, but by following some tips you can get the best from your dryer balls. Here are the tips for using dryer balls.


After washing your clothes with the washing machine, put your clothes into the dryer. Don’t overload clothes. 

Overloading will cause poor performance and take longer to dry your clothes. Put 4-6 dryer balls depending on how many clothes you wash. 

When your clothes are dried. Get your clothes out of the dryer. Some dryer balls can fall out of the machine while getting the clothes, make sure to collect them.

Make your clothes nice smelling:

Some people don’t like dryer balls as it does not add perfume to the clothes as dryer sheets do. But you can fix that easily with essential oils. 

Wool dryer balls are best to add fragrance to your clothes. All you need to do is, pour 3-4 drops of essential oil you like in each dryer ball. 

By doing this you can get nice-smelling and fresh clothes. After using the dryer for some days, you will have to repeat the process.

Absorb static energy:

Dryer balls do not reduce the static energy from your clothes as the dryer sheets do. But this is also fixable with simple techniques.

Static energy makes your clothes dirty easily as the clothes attract dust particles from the environment if not removed.

Add a safety pin with your wool or rubber dryer balls. It’s enough to absorb all the static energy from your clothes.

If you have plastic dryer balls, just roll an aluminum foil and add it with the dryer balls. It will absorb charges from the clothes. 

Are dryer balls better than dryer sheets for your dryer?

When it comes to saving time, energy, and money, dryer balls are better than dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets absorb static energy from your clothes and make them smell nice. But it does not make the process faster.

Moreover, the fragrance may cause harmful effects to your body. The components can be absorbed by the skin and reach our bloodstream.

On the other hand, dryer balls can add fragrance and reduce static energy by using the essential oil and safety pins.

Are dryer balls really effective?

Yes, dryer balls are effective. It can reduce drying time by about 25%. It may not look like a big difference at first, but 25% less running time means 25% less energy and money savings. 

It helps to move the clothes inside a dryer chamber so the clothes dry faster. Attaching a small metal chip and adding a few drops of essential oil will reduce the static energy and provide fresh smelling clothes.

Final thoughts

Dryer balls are totally harmless to dryers. Most dryer balls do not have any bad effects on the clothes. They help to dry the clothes smoothly. If we look deeply, it’s good for the dryer as dryer balls reduce its runtime. Wool dryer balls are most versatile but need replacing within a few years.