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Can Air Fryers Use Extension Cords? (Quick Answers)

Air fryers are being used in many households for fast cooking and also for their ability to use the heat to make the food crispy and crunchy. However, you might need an extension cord if the power cable of your air fryer does not reach the electrical outlet.

But can air fryers use an extension cord? We will soon find out the answer.

Can an air fryer use an extension cord?

An air fryer can use an extension cord as long as it is not larger or it is at least a 12 gauge line, or you can use an air conditioner extension cord as they come with lengths of not more than 5ft because larger cables can cause a voltage drop which can cause malfunction to your air fryer.

Can you plug an air fryer into an extension cord?

Well, that depends on the total length of the extension cord because if the length of the cord is larger than the wiring of the electrical socket, then it can cause voltage fluctuations.

The voltage fluctuations can result in many small to big accidents, which is why it is safe to use the extension cord whose length is not more than 5 feet or it is a 12 gauge cable.

Is it safe to use an extension cord for an air fryer?

No, it’s not completely safe to use an extension cord for an air fryer because the important thing that matters when it comes to extension cord is that there is a chance of voltage drop, which can cause malfunctions to your air fryer.

That is why it is recommended from the electricians or air fryer manufacturers that you can either use an extension cord that is 12 gauges or you can use an air conditioner cord that has a length of not more than 5 feet.

The extension wire must have a length of not more than 5 feet to avoid voltage fluctuations.

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“5” reasons why you can/cannot use an extension cord with an air fryer

There are some reasons for which you shouldn’t use an extension cord with an air fryer, and they are noted below:

An extension cord can easily catch fire when it gets hot:

Air fryer draws the highest possible or near-maximum current from the circuit, and while extension cords are available in a variety of sizes, all extension cords are inadequate to handle the current that heavier appliances need.

Can result in a voltage drop :

Furthermore, the length of the extension cords can result in a voltage drop, which again is dangerous and therefore can ruin the devices, as well as overheating the extension cables, which might constitute a risk of fire.

Long wires can become a threat:

In the case of a countertop air fryer, long wires can become a threat due to the heating and air conditioning functions in the kitchen.

Mistaken for fixed cabling:

When the device is more fixed, and that is not supposed to be relocated frequently in typical service, the extension cord can be mistaken for fixed cabling, and then it is not.

There isn’t always an extra cable for earthing:

There isn’t always an extra cable for earthing in extension cords which is very risky. Once an appliance receives insufficient power, it will use more current in order to complete the very same volume of work.

As you may expect, this is a horrific situation.

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What type of extension can I use for an air fryer?

The best extension cord to use is a 12 gauge extension cord because it can handle 20 amps very easily. The air fryer does not need a lot of power to function properly, but it will need a better cable system as the system has a tendency of heating problems.

Also, make sure that the extension cord is smaller because the more, the lengthier the extension cord is, the greater there will be voltage fluctuations. Therefore, keep the length of the extension cord small, or else go for the 12 gauge extension cable.

Can I use a 12 gauge extension cord with an air fryer?

Definitely, you can use the 12 gauge extension cord with an air fryer. Because its best possible solution in order to safely using your air fryer. If your air fryer load is in between 10 amps to 20 amps, then you can simply use the 12 gauge extension cord.

Side by side, the nearby electrical socket from the air fryer is in between 50 to 100 feet; then, you can use a 12 gauge extension cord. However, the air fryer is not a heavy-duty appliance, but it’s better to be in a safe zone by using the 12 gauge extension cord.

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Can I plug my air fryer into a power strip?

Power strips are mainly used for low-power consumers, such as a computer. But they have some limitations to especially when it comes to plugging the air fryer into the power strip.

With an air fryer, you can make yourself a quick midnight snack but make sure that you directly connect that to an electrical outlet because it will need more ampere of current than a power strip can provide. It will overheat the power strips and can lead to a fire accident.

So, you should not plug your air fryer into a power strip.

Can you plug an air fryer into a surge protector?

Surge protectors are widely used to increase the outlets in your house as well as to reduce the range between a socket and the item you wish to connect in. Do not plug a surge protector with an air fryer since it may overheat and cause a fire.

Inner breaks in surge protectors are frequently designed to trip less than your home circuit. Whenever the surge protector is equipped with a 10A breaker, it may overload.

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Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your air fryer and cannot fix them, you can contact your air fryer brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Air Fryer Brand Name Support Page For Repair & Service Contact
Power Air FryerSupport Page973-287-5197
Ninja Air FryerSupport Page866-826-6941
Chefman Air FryerSupport Page(865) 269-2433
Nuwave Air FryerSupport Page877-689-2838
Gourmia Air FryerSupport Page888-552-0033
Cosori Air FryerSupport Page888-402-1684
Dash Air FryerSupport Page800-898-6970
Cuisinart Air FryerSupport Page1-800-726-0190
Philips Air FryerSupport PageN/A
Big Boss Air FryerSupport Page212-689-9094
Crux Air FryerSupport Page866-832-4843
Gowise Air FryerSupport Page855-233-9199
Black And Decker Air FryerSupport PageN/A
Secura Air FryerSupport Page1-888-792-2360
Oster Air FryerSupport Page1-800-334-0759
Morphy Richards Air FryerSupport Page0344-871-0944

Final Thoughts:

Air fryers are the best appliance you can use to finish your cooking faster. However, you have to be careful while using it with an extension cord, as larger cords can cause voltage fluctuations. Rather use the 12 gauge cords, which are the best fit for plugging your air fryer.

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