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Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working – What to Do?

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In the summer heat, a Refrigerator Ice Maker is a welcome relief. When there is no ice on a scorching hot day, you will be in trouble.

It is only a matter of time before you have a very bad time if you do not understand why the ice is not coming. However, the Refrigerator Ice Maker has an easy-to-understand design and easy to fix issues.

Bosch refrigerator ice maker not working – What to do?

A faulty filter, a ruptured water supply tube, or a malfunctioning ice maker may be responsible for a Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker not working. The filter needs to be changed and the water supply needs to be checked. You can take care of these issues by yourself. A service center is not necessary.

If there is an issue with the ice maker only, then you might not need to get panicked over the situation and take it to the service center. You just need to identify issues and make solutions according to them.

Why is my Bosch refrigerator ice maker not working and how to fix it?

Let’s get to know the different issues that cause the Bosch fridge freezer ice maker or Bosch side by side refrigerator ice maker to not make ice and its possible solution.

Freezer Temperature:

Temperatures below zero degrees Celsius are usually considered to be the ideal temperature for a fridge. However, 500 or 800 series refrigerators’ temperature exceeds 0 degrees, the ice maker automatically turns off.

The ice maker will not produce any ice. This is because the water needs a least zero-degree temperature to freeze.


Turn down the freezer’s temperature to 0 degrees using the control panel. You’ll find the control panel on the door of the freezer. If you can’t find the door, you will find the control knob inside the freezer.

An empty freezer may cause abnormal temperatures and a malfunctioning ice maker. Don’t leave the freezer unattended in that case.

Frozen Fill Tube:

A fill tube delivers water to the ice maker. In cases of poor temperature, the water in the fill tube freezes, causing the tube to become completely frozen. In this way, no water comes in the ice maker, so the ice dispenser does not work.


You should turn off the fridge for at least one hour when the temperature is above zero degrees. Make sure the ice maker is open.

With this procedure, the ice will melt, the water will flow in the ice maker and it will return to normal. You can use a hairdryer to melt ice in the fill tube if it is still frozen.

Ice Maker Switch:

The ice maker does not operate automatically. It cannot make any ice when the switch is off.


You can fix the problem by turning on the ice maker switch. You can find this switch on the control panel of most freezers. In case you have a Bosch refrigerator, there is no switch. Instead, there is a lever inside the ice drawer.

Simply lower it and the ice maker will start. But there is a control switch inside the Bosch refrigerator freezer ice maker. Immediately after you open the lid and turn on the switch, the ice maker will begin making ice.

Water Filter Problems:

Refrigerators with a conventional design have an in-built water filter. If the filter is not changed for a long time, it may get jammed. A clogged filter may prevent the ice maker from operating.


Let’s take a look at the filter in the freezer. If you find a problem with the filter, replace it with a new one. Changing the filter will fix the problem.

Excessive Ice Accumulation in Ice Drawers:

The ice maker has a drawer where the ice is stored. However, the ice dispenser gets stuck as excess ice accumulates there. Despite producing ice, it can’t get out.


Turn off the main fridge and open the ice maker drawer. There may be drawer screws on some freezers. Take the drawer out and clean it. Replace the ice maker properly.

Turning on the freezer after a long day:

A malfunctioning ice maker may occur if the freezer has been off for a long time or if you turn on the freezer for the first time.


After the freezer is turned on for the first time, it takes at least 24 hours for the food to freeze. Wait at least a day after starting a freezer that’s been sitting for a while or that you just bought

Faulty water supply lines:

Plastic and rubber are the most common materials used for freezer water supply pipes. Damage to the Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker will prevent it from working. Or even if the water pressure is low, the ice maker will not be able to make ice.


Check behind the fridge for the water supply. Repair the pipe if there is any damage. If the water pressure is low, increase it.

Broken door switch:

When you open the freezer door, a light inside illuminates. A switch controls the light. These switches are called door switches. Broken door switches prevent the light from coming on. An ice maker will not work with a broken door switch.


Check if the light is on inside the freezer by opening the door. Most likely, the door switch is damaged if there is a problem with the lights on. Replace it.

How to fix a Bosch refrigerator ice maker making ice slow?

It is typical for a Bosch ice maker to produce 90 to 100 cubes of ice within 24 hours. If the production is less than this, the ice maker is working slow.

Set the minimum temperature in the freezer first to fix this problem. Let it sit without taking any ice out for a few hours. The ice maker cannot produce ice if the freezer is empty. Make sure the freezer is at least halfway full.

In an ice maker, ice won’t freeze if you put a lot of stuff near it. Leave some space around the ice maker.

Due to dirt accumulation in the waterline and filter, the machine can be slow. Make sure these areas are clean.

Make sure the freezer door is securely locked. Still, it does not work? Calculate the maximum amount of ice your fridge can hold according to its model. Consult an expert if you are not sure.

Where is the Bosch refrigerator ice maker on/off switch?

It may vary depending on the model of the Bosch refrigerator where the on/off switch is located. Some refrigerators have an ice maker built into the door.

The ice maker has a separate small door after opening the main door. Upon opening the ice maker, you will find a manual switch, which controls the ice maker’s on/off function.

An electronic control panel is attached to the French door of the modern model freezer. This is where the freezer’s controls are located. Here you will find the switch for the ice maker. There are buttons as well as touch switches.

Bosch French door refrigerators have ice makers inside of the freezers. These ice makers, however, have a switch inside of them. You will find the on / off switch inside the ice drawer when you open it.

A side-by-side Bosch freezer ice maker does not have a switch. Instead, there is a lever found after opening the drawer. If the lever is on top, the ice maker is off, if it is on the bottom, the ice maker is on. This lever serves as an on-off switch.

How to turn on the ice maker in the Bosch refrigerator?

An ice maker is as easy as a pie to operate. Simply locate the switch that controls the ice maker.

Depending on the model, you can find the switch on the door control panel, inside the ice maker, or on a lever. Simply turning on the switch will turn on the ice maker. Three hours after switching on, the appliance will deliver ice cubes.

How do you reset the ice maker on a Bosch French door refrigerator?

In cases where the ice maker of the refrigerator is not working properly, a reset can resolve the issue. You’ll find an ice maker switch on the automatic control panel of your French door freezer.

Simply push and hold the switch for a few seconds. After a few moments, it will be reset. You can also bring the whole freezer back to difficult mode, the freezer will rest automatically.

In the absence of a control panel in your freezer, you need to use the manual switch inside the ice maker. Simply open the ice maker cover and hold down the switch. The system will be reset in a while.

You can try unplugging your freezer’s electrical plug if the switch doesn’t reset your freezer. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Reconnect the plug. The ice machine will reset as difficult.

Final Thoughts

If the Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker fails to work or slows down, reset it by using the main switch. Lower the temperature in the freezer as much as possible. Make sure the water pressure is high and the filters are clean. Make sure no ice is stuck in the drawer of the ice maker.