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Are Washer and Dryer Pedestals Universal? (Read This First!)

The washer and dryer are spacious. They take most of the space of your laundry room. If you have them both, you may look for the right solution to ensure the optimum use of the laundry room.

In that case, a universal pedestal or stand would be an excellent idea for you. You might have separate stands for these two machines. Can you use a single one for both?

Maybe you won’t be able to do that. In Particular, two machines will need two strands. However, you might look for the universal washer and dryer’s pedestal so that you can interchange it and use it for both machines.

Are washer and dryer pedestals universal?

Washer and dryer pedestals are not universal. They come in different sizes. Various brands come with varying sizes of washers and dryers. Therefore, the pedestals are also other. You cannot use the washer’s stand for the dryers. That’s why pedestals are not universal.

Let’s walk through the following section to find out whether the following brands offer universal pedestal or not –


If you buy a Samsung washer or dryer, you might get on a pedestal with them. If needed, you can buy the extra pedestals from Samsung. However, Samsung pedestals are not universal.

They differ from brand to brand and product to product. The main reason is the product sizes. That’s why Samsung stands, or pedestals are not universal.


LG pedestals are not universal. But you can use the LG pedestal for all the LG washers or dryers if you buy the same model machine. However, if you buy the different models and different brand’s dryers or washers, you cannot use the stand for them.

That’s all the reasons why LG pedestals are not universal. So, if you have an LG stand, you cannot use it for different machines.


Maytag laundry pedestals are compatible with whirlpool laundry products. Therefore, it can be said that Maytag pedestals are universal.

If you think from another perspective, it may change your mind. Maytag laundry pedestals only go with Maytag machinery and Whirlpool machinery. You cannot use it for other brands. From this perspective, Maytag pedestals are not universal.


Whirlpool has some universal laundry pedestals. They are truly universal since you can use them for all washer machines. They all will fit perfectly. That’s why whirlpool washer pedestals are universal.

However, you must buy the adjustable stand to make it universal since all the washers and dryers come in different sizes.


Kenmore pedestals only go with LG washers and dryers. That means they are not universal. To become a universal stand or pedestal, it must go with every similar product. But it’s not possible.

Every washer and dryer come in different sizes. That’s why Kenmore pedestals are not universal.

Can I put an LG washer on a Kenmore pedestal? Will a Samsung washer fit on an LG pedestal?

You can put an LG washer on a Kenmore pedestal. LG and Kenmore pedestals are interchangeable. But it will be better if you check the washer’s size and then go for the required stands. Otherwise, you may fall in trouble to fit your LG washer on a Kenmore pedestal.

Moreover, you can go for the adjustable Kenmore pedestal. You can adjust the height and everything according to your LG washer. So, it can be said that you can put an LG washer on a Kenmore pedestal.

A Samsung washer won’t fit on an LG pedestal. Both Samsung and LG come with unique design products. For instance, one may concentrate on quality. Others work hard to ensure the bigger capacity washers.

Therefore, you cannot expect to fit a Samsung washer on the LG pedestal or vice versa. So, be careful before buying different brands of washers or dryers.

Are washer and dryer pedestals standard size? Are washer and dryer pedestals interchangeable?

The washer and dryer pedestals are standard sizes. Usually, you will find 10 to 16 inches’ pedestals for washers and dryers. It is considered the standard size.

You cannot expect to use a single pedestal or single size stand for all. It will depend on brands and models; therefore, if you buy the standard size pedestal, you must ensure that your washer or dryer comes with 19 to 16 inches. It will not fit for bigger sizes.

Usually, washer and dryer pedestals are not interchangeable. You cannot use one for another because they come in different designs and sizes. That’s why you cannot interchange the washer pedestal with the dryer pedestal.

But, you can only interchange the washer and dryer pedestals if they come from the same brand and the same size. In addition, we have described that some of the brands can also interchange their stands with each other.

For example, you can interchange LG washer pedestals with Kenmore pedestals. The same goes for Maytag and Whirlpool washers. They are also interchangeable.

Are washer dryer stacking kits universal?

For some reason, washer dryer stacking kits are not universal. First, washer dryer stacking kits have different and unique designs. In that case, you cannot expect to have universal stacking kits for all the washer dryers.

On the other hand, you can only use specific stacking kits for particular models that come with the same size and design. For instance, LG, KENMORE, Bosh, GE are all renowned brands. Sometimes, they come in similar sizes and design products.

At that time, you can use your existing stacking kits for the other brand or similar brand washer dryer. So, you need to be careful and go for either the same brand or similar design washer dryer to use your existing pedestal.

“5” reason why washer and dryer pedestals are not universal

So, you already know that washer and dryer pedestals are not universal. We have also explained some reasons why they are different. But it’s to know all the reasons from here.

Will become a mess:

The washer and dryer have different sizes though there are standard sizes as well. You cannot fit the washer pedestal into the dryer. It will not fit correctly; instead, it will become a mess.

Different models:

The washer and dryer come with various models. That’s another reason why the washer and dryer pedestal are not universal. However, washer models and dryers’ models are entirely different.

Different brands:

Brands are different. They produce different types and categories of washers and dryers. Therefore, washer and dryer pedestals are not universal.

Here the brands are the main culprit. They don’t ensure the same size and design though no one expects them to be similar.


The washer and dryer have different capacities. That’s why they cannot ensure the same size and fit in a standard pedestal. It’s another reason why washer and dryer pedestals are not universal.

Different instruments:

Finally, the washer and dryer are two different laundry instruments. You use the washer to wash clothes; on the other hand, the dryer is to dry the wet clothes soon. 

Their purposes are different; therefore, their pedestals are not universal.

How do I make a laundry pedestal that fits all?

You can make a laundry pedestal that will fit all. To make a laundry pedestal for all the appliances or every washer and dryer, you can follow our steps. They will lead you to make a universal pedestal indeed.

Buy required tools:

If you want to make a new laundry pedestal, first, you need to buy the required woods, adhesive tape, pencil, and other required instruments. If you have an old pedestal, you can check it and see what needs to be bought.

Cut the frame:

After buying all the essential things, you can start making the laundry pedestal. First up, cut the frame according to the universal or required sizes. Here, you can use a standard pedestal size measurement and cut the parts accordingly.

Assemble the parts:

Assemble all the parts correctly. You can start from the legs. And then attach the legs properly. After that, cover the lower shelf and attach it.

Add the upper shelf:

You need to add the upper shelf to your new frame. It will give a brand new structure. Here, you should do it carefully. You need to attach the upper frame firmly.

Attach the beadboard:

If you have a beadboard or you want to make the construction durable, you should attach the beadboard. It’s a must to make the laundry pedestal strong.

Mold properly:

Now, mold the different corners and sides with beadboard. Do it perfectly. To secure the molding, you can mark the place first. Then go for different corners molding.

Place it:

Your laundry pedestal is pretty much done. You can now place it in your laundry room. Before placing it, clean the surface and the new pedestal.

Final Thoughts

The washer and dryer are two utterly different home appliances. They are different in both sizes and designs. Therefore, washer and dryer pedestals are not universal. You may need to use different pedestals for them in your laundry room. However, you can build one universal pedestal.