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Are Oven Heating Elements Universal? (Answered)

Ovens are used for cooking and baking by changing the temperature of the chamber as desired. They are commonly used in homes, restaurants, offices, etc., and can do various other tasks than just heat food.

Ovens, unlike microwave ovens, expose the food to a heating element that warms the temperature inside the chamber up to certain degrees and, therefore, heats the food.

What is an oven heating element?

An oven heating element also, known as the baking coil, is an essential part of the oven. Depending on the type of oven and the manufacturer’s brand, it can be easy to replace if complications arise.

Their responsibility is simple they heat the chamber as electric current passes through and cook or bake the food.

Typically, ovens come with two heating elements. One is found at the top, and the other is positioned at the bottom of the chamber. The upper one broils the food, so it is called the heating element, and the lower one is used while baking, so it is called the baking element.

If the heating elements get faulty, it is simple and easy to replace them. You can order the parts online through the manufacturer’s website using the model number of the oven. Also, you can get heating element replacements from trusted parts retailers.

Are oven heating elements universal?

Oven heating elements are universal but within the manufacturing company and for the specific type. The same models of ovens manufactured by the same company will have the same heating elements. Different roasters or ovens from other manufacturers will have varying heating elements.

Most manufacturing companies produce similar models of ovens that have the same type of heating elements.

So, among the same models of products from that manufacture, the heating elements are universal. But different manufacturers will use heating elements differently, so they will not match an oven from another manufacturer.

Finding a replacement for the faulty heating element is simple. Several retailers, local hardware stores, parts stores, and even Amazon have replacements for heating elements.

All you will need is your oven serial number, and the model’s name, manufacturer brand name may not be required.

GE oven heating elements are produced by Hotpoint and a few brands. Similar heating elements are also found in some ovens made by Whirlpool and a few companies.

Since the heating elements are made by companies, heating elements that are used in GE ovens, ranges, stoves are often interchangeable or universal, so finding these are easy.

Are oven heating elements interchangeable?

Yes, oven heating elements are interchangeable, but within the same models and manufacturer. Changing the heating elements of an oven is probably one of the effortless replacement works around the home.

Even though heating elements come in different shapes and sizes, their functionality is the same and so, replacing them is not difficult at all.

Heating elements in GE ovens, for instance, can be replaced with heating element replacements produced for that specific model by the manufacturer. However, those heating elements cannot be used for ovens manufactured by Toshiba, for example.

How do I know which oven heating element to buy?

Choosing the perfect heating element is crucial for the optimal performance of the oven. Following the steps below, you can select the best heating element for your range or oven:

Model name:

The main thing to do is check the model’s name or the serial number of the product and the manufacturer’s brand name. The model number may be present on the oven door, frame below the door, or behind the product in a label.

The serial number will come in handy later on.


You can search for the heating element parts online on the manufacturer’s website using the model number. Also, other retailers, such as Amazon, may have the heating element you need.

Exact make:

It is necessary to find the same make of your heating element as this is the one designed for that specific model. Different ones may work better if you are lucky but may not work as intended most of the time.

Heating element manufacturers:

By doing a little bit of research, you will come to know which brands make the best heating elements and their costs. Nowadays, a lot of options are available.

A lot of available choices will let you choose the best one that works for your oven.

How to replace the oven heating element?

As mentioned before, replacing the heating elements present in an oven is one of the simple replacement works around the home. By following the simple steps mentioned below, you can change the heating elements yourself.

Before starting, disconnect the oven from the power outlet to ensure no electricity is flowing through the elements.

Remove the mounting plates:

The heating element is held by the mounting plates attached to the oven. To remove the heating element, removing these plates are necessary. So, unscrew the mounting plates and carefully pull them closer to you.

Test for current:

After removing the screws of the mounting plate, it will come off and you should pull it closer to you. You will see the wires connected to the element. Using a voltmeter, check if there is an electric current. No current must be flowing.

Disconnect the heating element:

After you have made sure that no current is flowing, gently remove the heating element from the mounting plates. With a gentle pull, the heating elements will come off. Make sure, the wires do not go back inside the wall of the oven.

Install the new heating element:

Carefully, install the new heating element in the place of the old one and place the wires inside the connector of the new heating elements. Then, place the mounting plate and make sure the screw holes align perfectly.

Reinstall the mounting plates:

Screw the mounting plates back on the wall of the oven with the new heating element. It will look just like it did before after you are done.

After completion, connect the oven back to the power outlet and power it on. If the steps are followed correctly, it will work as intended.

How much does it cost to replace a heating element in an oven?

The cost of a heating element is around $20-25. If you are willing to change it yourself instead of calling an electrician, you will save yourself a lot of money. But it is necessary to have the proper tools before getting started.

From most retailers, hardware, and parts stores, for just $20-25, you can buy the heating element. If you want an electrician to install it for you, you will be paying an extra $200. That will cost you a rough total of $220.

If the oven is an integrated oven, it will cost more to repair it than a freestanding unit. Depending on the fix and oven type and distance the electrician needs to travel, the repair can charge up to $500-1,000.

Do all electric ovens have two heating elements?

No, all electrical ovens do not have two heating elements. To better understand the answer, you need to know about conventional and conventional ovens. Although both might sound similar, they are not in terms of how they function.

Conventional ovens generally come with two heating elements, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the chamber. These two heating elements heat up when current passes through them and radiate heat throughout the oven chamber.

Due to the properties of hot air rising to the top, the hot air rises to the top and the upper part of the chamber becomes hotter relative to the lower part.

The heat rises only due to its property. Otherwise, it stands still and does not move since there is nothing present to circulate the hot air. This upward movement of hot air causes air pockets and the whole dish is cooked unevenly.

Convectional ovens, on the other hand, have a single heating element and a fan or two, to circulate the hot air within the chamber. This prevents the creation of air pockets and the dish is cooked evenly as all parts of it can get the hot air.

These ovens also come with an exhaust system to release the hot air when it is no longer required.

Final Thoughts

Oven heating elements are universal between the same models and manufacturer and, it is not required to remove both heating elements if only one is faulty. Additionally, depending on the type, all ovens do not come with two heating elements. Repairing a defective heating element is simple and easy.