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Air Conditioner Error EC: How to Fix? (Read This First!)

Previously, air conditioners did not have up-to-date techniques and equipment installed to notify the user about any error it may face. As a result, users would have to call for the help of electricians or appliance mechanics to get a solution. 

However, the latest technological advancements have made it easy for users to diagnose the issue and find the fix.

Air conditioner error EC

The error code EC is quite common and can show because of multiple issues. A low refrigerant level mainly causes the EC error code. A temporary solution to the problem can be restarting the air conditioner. However, it is advisable to call a mechanic or the manufacturer for a permanent solution.

Well, with the blessings of technologies life has become a lot easier in this modern age. We literally depend on technology from our household chores to comfort. Though it has provided us time that we can spend on more productive activities. 

But with these blessings there are few flaws also. Such as electronic appliances can get troubled anytime without any prior notice. Besides, there are several codes in modern appliances which indicate numerous issues of the machine. 

So it is important to know the meaning of these error codes to get the repair done on your own. Generally, the EC error code in an air conditioner represents a low refrigerant level. 

If your air conditioner is showing this code, then certainly it is better to call the manufacturer or a mechanic to get professional help. 

What does air conditioner error EC mean?

Among the various air conditioners produced by different manufacturing brands, the EC error code is quite common. Although the error code can pop up due to a multitude of reasons, the main reason is the fluctuation in the level of refrigerant in the air conditioner. 

So, seeing the EC error could mean a leak within the unit, or you will have to refill the refrigerant to adequate levels.

Another reason that can cause the air conditioner to show the EC error code is a failing sensor. An air conditioner consists of sensors that help maintain different levels and the set temperature inside a room. Therefore, a failing sensor will show the EC error code.

Additionally, the EC error code can also be due to faulty wirings or problematic links between the wires. If electricity fails to flow sufficiently, the air conditioner will fail to perform optimally and show the EC error code. 

In such a case, you will have to call an appliance mechanic or the manufacturer to help resolve this issue. You can try restarting the air conditioner for a temporary fix to the problem.

Why does error EC occur in the air conditioner?

The error code EC can occur due to various reasons. We have listed all the common problems to help you better diagnose the issue with your air conditioner.

Loss of refrigerant:

Most air conditioners come equipped with a sensor for detecting the refrigerant level present. When the level of refrigerant is not sufficient enough for the air conditioner to run optimally, they show the EC error code. 

Refrigerant can deplete over time or it can leak from the unit. So, you can try observing the air conditioner unit to check for any signs of leaking refrigerant. If you see so, call a mechanic to get it fixed and refilled.

Refrigerant pressure:

The refrigerant pressure also has a dedicated sensor. If the pressure of the refrigerant is above or below the standard, the sensor sends out an error signal. The displayed error code is EC. 

Excessive or low refrigerant pressure can lead to inefficient operation of the air conditioner.


The sensors in an air conditioner are responsible for monitoring the refrigerant levels, temperature, refrigerant pressure, etc. When a sensor becomes faulty, it starts sending out false messages. 

These false messages can cause the error code EC to pop up on the display of the air conditioner or the remote control. Moreover, some air conditioners can sense a faulty sensor before it sends out wrong information. 

Such air conditioners are also likely to show the EC error code to point out an internal sensor that needs repairing.

Loose connections:

In some rare cases, you will see the EC error code if there are loose connections between the wires inside the air conditioner unit. Bad links between the wires will cause the air conditioner to malfunction and cause random errors. 

Also, you will experience the air conditioner operating inefficiently. It will take a significant time to cool the room.

Faulty PC board:

Modern air conditioners have a remote-control feature. As a result, they have onboard PC boards which control the air conditioner depending on the signals received from the remote control. 

If the PC board goes faulty, the air conditioner unit will not respond correctly and malfunction. Therefore, you will see the EC error code pop up on the remote control or the display of the air conditioner unit. 

Fixing this will require you to contact the manufacturing brand or an experienced repair company.

These are the most common reasons why you may face the EC error code on your air conditioner.

How do you fix air conditioner error EC?

Although there are multiple reasons behind the EC error code, some simple solutions are available that you can use to fix the problem.

Fixing the leakage:

If the refrigerant level is below the standard amount, the refrigerant may be leaking from the air conditioner unit. So, you will see the EC error code pop up because the sensor will detect the low level of refrigerant. 

You will have to observe the unit for any signs of leaking. After pointing out the leakage, try taping it to prevent further leaks and call a mechanic to refill the air conditioner with refrigerant.

Refrigerant pressure:

Refrigerant pressures below or above the adequate level will cause the air conditioner to operate inefficiently and show the EC error code. 

However, it is not simple to solve this problem since you are unlikely to store extra refrigerant and the device required to refill the refrigerant inside the air conditioner unit. Therefore, you will have to call an appliance mechanic in this case.

Restarting the air conditioner:

Sometimes restarting the air conditioner will help fix the problem. However, restarting is a temporary fix. 

If the problem persists, you must turn off the air conditioner because using it with the error code showing will further damage it. But, if you do not see the error code after restarting the appliance, you can continue using it temporarily. 

For a permanent solution, contact the manufacturer, an appliance mechanic, or an experienced air conditioner repair company to help resolve the issue.

Restarting the air conditioner using the circuit breaker:

If you have tried restarting the air conditioner by using the remote control and failed in obtaining a temporary solution, you can try shutting down the dedicated circuit breaker and turning it on. 

This will completely restart the air conditioner instead of switching it to standby mode. Using the circuit breaker to restart the air conditioner is more likely to temporarily prevent the error code from showing.

These are the temporary solutions you can use to help resolve the EC error code issue in your air conditioner. You should call an appliance mechanic or a certified repair company to take a look at the problem and solve it.

What to do if your air conditioner shows error EC?

Here is a list of some of the commonly purchased air conditioners and what to do if the EC error code shows up.

Midea air conditioner:

EC error code in a Midea air conditioner refers to low refrigerant levels. When the sensor detects a low refrigerant level in the air conditioner unit, it shows the EC error code. 

So, you will have to get help from a mechanic to refill the refrigerant in the air conditioner.

Carrier air conditioner:

In a Carrier air conditioner, the EC error code refers to refrigerant leakage. To fix this problem, you will have to first figure out the leaking spot and shut it. Then, refill the refrigerant of the air conditioner till adequate levels.

Samsung air conditioner:

Samsung air conditioners will show the EC error code if it is facing a problem communicating with the remote control. It could be due to expired batteries or issues related to the internal circuitry of the air conditioner unit. 

You can call a professional to get help fixing this issue.

Beko air conditioner:

Although Beko air conditioners have many error codes starting with the letter E, there is no error code EC. 

So, you will not see the EC error code like other air conditioners and will likely get a different error code for refrigerant leakage or any other related problems.

York air conditioner:

York air conditioners will show the EC error code if it detects a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant leak detection will cause the code to show on the display and the machine will malfunction. 

You must contact a mechanic as soon as possible to get it repaired without using the air conditioner.

If your air conditioner brand is not listed, you will find a list of error codes in the manual of the air conditioner which will help you accurately diagnose the problem.

Final thoughts

Although the EC error code is quite common among air conditioners, the reason behind the error code will vary depending on the manufacturing brand. Also, different possibilities can cause the EC error code. You should seek the help of a professional to resolve the problem.