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Air Conditioner Error E8: How to Fix? (Quick Answers)

We use many electronic appliances around our houses to suit our comfort and convenience. The air conditioner is one such appliance that helps us regulate the temperature of our homes and keep us at great comfort. 

Therefore, it is necessary for us to know how to regulate these appliances and diagnose any errors that it may face. The extract below describes how you can resolve a commonly occurring error in your air conditioner: 

Air conditioner error E8:

Many air conditioners may display the error code E8 due to reasons such as fan speed malfunction, overload/underload of voltage, outdoor/indoor fan slowed down or malfunctioning of the condenser and compressor. Many AC units have a different code for the same symptoms and can be fixed similarly.

Air conditioners have become a must in modern days. Though just in the last decade air conditioners were considered a luxury item, now it has become a must have appliance for every home. So one must know how to use this appliance properly to get a smooth service from it. 

There are many renowned brands who manufacture air conditioners, so that not all the ac will show the same error code for the same issue. It is pretty important to know the error codes of your air conditioner to use it accordingly. 

Besides, if you know the meaning of the error codes, then you will be able to find if there are any problems in your air conditioner and will be able to solve them without much hassle. 

Generally E8 code represents issues like fan speed malfunction, voltage issues or problems with compressor and condenser. But as we told earlier, Many AC units have a different code for the same symptoms and can be fixed similarly.

What does air conditioner error E8 mean?

E8 error in your air conditioner is often triggered due to several issues such as problems in the exterior discharge sensor or with the fan speed

These kinds of problems are common if your air conditioner unit runs in an area with a lot of humidity which gives rise to such issues if they are turned on for an extended period of time. 

Once the air conditioner’s sensor exceeds a certain threshold, they will give off an error code in the display of the air conditioner to notify you about the problem. 

These error codes are installed onto the air conditioner to allow easier diagnosis and identification of any problems the air conditioner might be facing.

An E8 error code on your air conditioner can be easily fixed with a few tools lying around your house without having to seek help from a professional technician.

Different manufacturers and models of air conditioners have different issues that correspond to the E8 error code, many air conditioners don’t even have the E8 error code but use another code to indicate the same issues that the E8 addresses. 

The E8 error code typically addresses malfunctions in the fan speed, or if the air handling unit, evaporator, condenser or compressor is facing difficulty in operating.

Why does error E8 occur in the air conditioner?

There are several reasons why you are encountering the E8 error in your air conditioner. Below stated are some of the reasons:

Clogged Air Filter:

If your air filters are clogged to a point that they have so much debris in them that restricts air flow from the air conditioner, then that would affect the performance of the fans. 

The debris can also cause clogs in the internal system of the air conditioner which would prevent it from working correctly. When the debris is too much for the AC to work properly, the display would show an E8 error code.

Malfunctioning Fan Motor:

A malfunctioning fan motor could also cause your fan speed to fluctuate and not operate as intended. This malfunctioning of the fan motor could be due to internal faults, voltage problems, capacitor issues or water clogs into the motor. 

But if the fan motor is well functioning but the fan is not, the problem might be on the drive belt which needs more lubrication. These problems typically cause the AC to display an E8 error – in which case, you should contact a technician to look at the fan motor.

Damaged Circuitry and Wiring: 

If your air conditioner has been installed by someone inexperienced technician, they might have incorrectly installed the circuitry and the wiring. As a result, the internal circuitry could have been damaged and causing the compressor to fail. 

If that is the case – your AC will give the E8 error and has to be repaired by a professional technician.

Damaged Control Board:

Air conditioners have control boards that allow you to operate the unit – many air conditioners have multiple control boards that may stop working.

In such cases, the air conditioner will give the E8 error code and will require you to replace the board with a new one.

How do you fix air conditioner error E8?

In most cases, it is easy to fix the E8 error code in your air conditioner – but for the inexperienced, they need to follow the guidelines below in order to properly diagnose and fix the error:

Clean the air filters:

Dirty air filters are one of the most common issues that cause the air conditioner to give an E8 error. Debris in the air filter leads to many other issues across the system, so cleaning it will solve those as well. 

First, unplug your AC and remove the AC frame to uncover the air filters, dislodge them from their slots and wash them thoroughly with water and leave them to dry. Once dried, replace them and plug the AC back in – if clogged air filter was the issue, E8 will not persist.

Check the control board:

Every AC unit has at least one PCB control board underneath them – without it, operating the AC is not possible. 

Therefore, inspect if the control boards are damaged – in case they are, you need to purchase an identical control board or one that is compatible with your AC and properly connect it to your AC.

Reset the air conditioner:

If the error is due to firmware malfunctions, it can be easily dealt with by resetting the air conditioner. You can do this by turning off the air conditioner and disconnecting the breaker – wait for 2-3 minutes and then switch it on again. 

Replace the fan motor:

The motor may malfunction if the debris got stuck in it or got clogged with the condensate – regardless, it is difficult and inefficient to repair a fan motor. The best way to repair it is to replace the fan motor with a new one – also check whether the drive belt is well lubricated.

Consult a professional technician:

If you cannot determine what is causing the issue, then it is best to leave this up to the professionals who can save your time and effort to get rid of the error. But since this option is expensive, go for this if you have tried the other options without success.

What to do if your air conditioner shows error E8?

Error code E8 may occur for several reasons, here we will discuss a few renowned air conditioner brands to let you know what to do if your air conditioner shows error E8?

Bear with us and find out below –

Frigidaire air conditioner:

For the Frigidaire air conditioner, E8 error code is caused by overheating and it can be resolved if both exterior and interior units are turned off for 5 minutes. You should also reset the AC by turning it off and unplugging the circuit breaker for a while and plug it back on.

GE air conditioner:

For GE air conditioner, the E8 error code is due to an overload issue – meaning that the usage capacity has exceeded and continued usage would cause damage. This can be resolved by unplugging the power socket and waiting for 5 minutes and then plugging it back on.

LG air conditioner:

According to LG’s official customer support website, LG air conditioners do not have an E8 error unlike most air conditioners. 

An error code that shows up for similar symptoms to E8 is the CH34 error code – which can be remedied by resetting the AC by turning it off for 10 minutes and turning it on.

Haier air conditioner:

For Haier air conditioners, the error E8 occurs due to the overload of the internal module motor. This can be resolved similarly to GE air conditioners by resetting the unit.

Midea air conditioner:

Midea air conditioner also doesn’t have an error E8 code but its equivalent error code is the P1 error code. P1 error code, same as E8 code, occurs due to overload or underload of voltage. This issue can be resolved by disconnecting power for a few minutes and reconnecting back.

Carrier air conditioner:

Carrier air conditioners encounter the E8 error due to malfunctions in the outdoor unit fan’s motor. Power cycling both the interior and exterior unit by resetting the AC and the breaker usually resolves the issue. 

But before resetting the AC, make sure that the air filters are clean and no clogs are present in the system.

Samsung air conditioner:

Samsung air conditioners also don’t have an E8 error code but the error code that lines up with the general symptoms of E8 code is the E404. This error causes the system to stop due to overload protection control and it can be remedied by resetting the system.

Final thoughts

The error E8 may appear on many air conditioners for a variety of reasons, like fan speed issues, voltage overloads or underloads, slower outside or indoor fans, or condenser and compressor problems. For the same symptoms, several AC units have alternative codes that can be addressed identically.