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5-Bedroom Two-Story Craftsman Home With Amazing Great Room (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 3,634 Sq Ft
  • 4 – 5 Beds
  • 3.5 – 4.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Imagine strolling through a neighborhood where every house seems to blend together, each as generic as the next.

And then, suddenly, you turn a corner and, BAM! Your eyes meet a house so enchantingly unique that it feels like stumbling upon a secret garden in the heart of a desert. Dear reader, allow me to introduce you to the captivating beauty of our Craftsman-style haven.

This remarkable abode boasts a sprawling 3,634 square feet of space, more room than a kangaroo’s pouch could ever hope to hold.

With your impressive shoe collection, you’ll find this ample space a welcome luxury.

But it’s not just the space that’s generous; it’s the 4-5 bedrooms that truly make this house a haven.

Say goodbye to dodging family dinners with the in-laws; now they’ll have a comfortable space to call their own.

Picture yourself stepping into the foyer, a warm and inviting space that not only welcomes you but also offers a cozy bench.

After a long day, you can finally kick off those heels, sink into the cushioned bench, and feel the stress of the world melt away.

And in this age of fashion-forward choices, who wouldn’t adore a walk-in coat closet? It’s a dream come true for every organizer.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the home: the great room. This two-story marvel is where your Pinterest board comes alive.

It’s an open and inviting space that offers sneak peeks into the kitchen, the dining area, and the sunlit dinette.

With this design, yelling across rooms becomes a household sport, and you can effortlessly keep an eye on the kids while whipping up a culinary storm.

But that’s not all! For those moments when Netflix beckons you for some solitude, or when you’re on a top-secret mission to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner, the hearth room and study are just a whisper away, providing you with the perfect private spaces.

Venture upstairs, and you’ll discover a master suite that’s so luxurious it might just make you feel like you’re on a perpetual vacation.

Imagine having a romantic corner fireplace to cozy up to on chilly nights. And the master bathroom? It’s the epitome of sheer luxury, boasting double sinks (who needs to share, anyway?), a tub that practically begs for bubble baths, and a walk-in closet that could have its very own zip code.

Speaking of upstairs magic, take a moment to appreciate the charming window seats found on the landing and in the bedrooms. These perfect nooks are ideal for sipping your morning coffee, getting lost in an engrossing novel, or indulging in some good old-fashioned daydreaming.

Now, if your dream home checklist includes a space for some good old family fun or a place where adults can relive their childhood, the lower level has just what you need.

Opt to finish it, and presto! You’ve got a family room that’s ready for Netflix binges and a games room that’s perfect for hosting poker nights or karaoke sessions (complete with a wet bar!).

With additional space for storage, bedrooms, and a bathroom, your guests might just be tempted to overstay their welcome.

In conclusion, this Craftsman wonder isn’t just a house; it’s a feeling. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and those delightful little details that make you smile.

Whether you’re a family of four, a singleton who craves space, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this home is your very own happily ever after, wrapped in brick and mortar.

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