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4-Bedroom 1-Story Mid-Century Mountain House With Open Walkway Between Master Bed and Outdoor Living (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 2,658 Sq Ft
  • 2-4 Beds
  • 2.5 – 4.5 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

I’ve encountered countless house plans in my time – some impressive, some dismal, and some I wouldn’t subject even to my worst foe.

But occasionally, a design emerges that sparks a desire to abandon my own abode and make the move. Allow me to introduce you to the captivating Mid-Century Mountain House.

Now, I’m not one to be easily swayed by square footage, but when it reaches a substantial 2,658 Sq Ft, I can’t help but imagine doing the cha-cha, waltz, and maybe even a little salsa without grazing a coffee table.

Now, you might wonder, “Is it merely spacious or inherently oversized?” Well, let me assure you – it’s both.

So, let’s delve into the details:

This mountain dwelling boasts a modern exterior that doesn’t just coexist with the landscape – it elevates it. The clerestory windows?

Far from being decorative flourishes, they infuse the great room with a daily dose of radiance that rivals Christmas morning (minus the awkward family interactions).

Ever desired a golden tan without the harmful UV exposure? Look no further. The sun-drenched interior will have your houseplants throwing a never-ending party, basking in the flood of natural light.

Imagine a scenario where you’re dancing seamlessly between your living room, kitchen, and patio. The open floor plan masterfully unifies these spaces, transforming entertaining into an effortless endeavor.

Should you find yourself yearning for Sunday brunches or midnight stargazing, the covered patio beckons. And that cooktop island? It’s more than just a culinary workstation; it’s your new stage. So, why not whip up a gourmet dish while tap dancing? No judgment here.

Now, here’s a gem of an idea: an open walkway links the master bedroom to the outdoor living area. Midnight snack cravings? Fear not. You can waltz to your outdoor kitchen without disrupting your slumbering partner.

Oh, and let’s not overlook the inviting sitting nook. Picture yourself there, engrossed in a book and sipping tea. The 5-fixture bath and walk-in closet? They evoke a sense of opulence that even your wardrobe and toiletries will relish.

Did I mention the cozy adjacent study? A quiet corner for those work-from-home days or perhaps hatching plans for world domination – your choice.

Expecting overnight guests? A second bedroom on the main floor eliminates the need for a navigational expedition to locate their bed.

Strategically nestled alongside a slanted 3-car garage, there’s ample room for your vehicles. Or perhaps it will house your collection of eccentric headgear. We’re all about acceptance here!

Seeking an enhancement? Elevate the bedroom count from 2 to 4 by completing the lower level. But don’t mistake this for a typical basement scenario.

Instead, envision a generous family room and an exercise haven – because, let’s be honest, a treadmill might be a wise countermeasure against those midnight snacks.

In summation, if your quest is for a home that epitomizes style, space, and a dash of playfulness, the Mid-Century Mountain House Plan is your answer.

It’s more than a mere dwelling; it’s a lifestyle, a mood, an entire vibe. So, fetch your dancing shoes and that cherished book – your mountain reverie awaits!

Plan 95087RW