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3-Bedroom Two-Story Barndominium Style Shouse with Two-story Great Room, Car Show Room and Home Office (Floor Plan)


  • 4,491 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 3.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 8 Cars

Hello, everyone!

Picture this: you’re browsing through home plans, seeking something beyond the ordinary, something that whispers (or rather shouts) ‘this is not just a house, it’s a lifestyle.’

Well, hold onto your hats, because you’re in for a treat with a home concept that redefines living spaces – the ‘Shouse.’

What’s a Shouse, you ask?

It’s the ingenious fusion of a shop and a house, and it’s brimming with more character than a TV show favorite.

Now, let’s dive into the details that make this Shouse a true marvel.

Imagine a sprawling 4,491 square feet of heated living area.

But wait, there’s more – an attached shop/garage extends over an additional 6,253 square feet.

Yes, you heard right, that’s a total of over 10,000 square feet of spaciousness.

Think of all the activities you could do!

Cartwheels in the living room?

Hosting a mini-festival?

All possible here.

Car enthusiasts, prepare to fall in love.

The garage in this Shouse isn’t just a place to park; it’s a sanctuary for your vehicles.

With room for eight cars, including a special showroom, it’s like having your own personal episode of ‘Top Gear.’

The centerpiece of this home is the magnificent two-story great room.

It’s where comfort meets grandeur, perfect for every occasion – be it a family get-together or a serene evening by the fire.

Then there’s the kitchen and dining area.

This isn’t just a kitchen; it’s a chef’s paradise, seamlessly opening up to the dining space.

Midnight snack raids?

They’ve never been easier.

The master bedroom is a retreat in its own right.

Imagine a 5-fixture bathroom and a walk-in closet leading directly to the laundry room.

It’s not just convenient; it’s smart living.

Upstairs, a cozy loft awaits, ideal for those laid-back weekends.

Plus, two additional bedrooms ensure everyone has their private haven.

And for the work-from-homers, there’s a study that’s just secluded enough to boost your productivity.

Need storage?

There’s an entire room dedicated to it.

Think of it as your personal storage haven, free from prying eyes.

Let’s not forget the exterior.

Decked out in corrugated metal siding, this Shouse stands out with its modern, edgy look.

It’s not just a house; it’s a bold statement.

So, that’s the grand tour of the Shouse – a space not just for living but for thriving.

It’s perfect for the car lover, the space enthusiast, or anyone yearning for that extra flair in their home.

In a world where homes often blend into one another, why not choose to live in something as unique as a Shouse?

Believe me, it’s as exciting as it sounds.

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