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3-Bedroom Dual-Story Farmhouse With See-Through Fireplace (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 2,208 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Let’s Engage in a Conversation About Homes.

Imagine a farmhouse that’s more inviting than a warm biscuit slathered with honey. I’m not merely lost in breakfast musings; I’m talking about a real gem of a dwelling that seamlessly blends style and comfort into a 2,208 square foot masterpiece.

So, grab a seat, your favorite cuppa (or perhaps that biscuit?), and let’s embark on a journey through this farmhouse marvel.

For those who swoon over homes that effortlessly radiate both rustic charm and modern elegance, this is your jackpot.

The exterior is decked in board and batten siding. If you’re not familiar, picture traditional siding’s chic cousin – it’s like the house donned a rustic coat and then added a stylish tie for that extra touch.

And oh, let’s not overlook that metal roofing! While it shouts longevity, it whispers sophistication. Gone are the days of rickety tin roofs; this one guarantees tranquil nights, even when Mother Nature decides to perform a rain dance.

Completing this architectural artwork is the decorative wood trim. It’s as though the house adorns its favorite jewelry, never missing a chance to showcase its elegance.

Step inside, and brace yourself for your jaw to become well-acquainted with the floor. The two-story family room welcomes you, its ceiling so lofty that you might wonder if you’ve stumbled into a cathedral.

The wrap-around porch outside acts as a protective arm around this space, reminding you of cozy farm vibes while you find yourself gazing upwards in sheer awe.

Now, for the dreamers and fireplace aficionados, there’s a see-through fireplace that’s visible from both the family room and the dining area.

Picture this: a chilly evening, you, your cherished book or companion, and the inviting glow from the fireplace that’s delighting not one, but two rooms!

Remember those times you were in the kitchen, attempting to create a culinary masterpiece while also trying not to miss out on the latest gossip?

Well, this kitchen hears you. Thanks to its open layout, you can keep an eye on everything.

As you chop veggies, you can witness your kids recreating their school day’s drama. Or, let’s be honest, you can keep tabs on that playful pet who considers the living room their personal racetrack.

The master suite strategically graces the main floor, accessible through double doors that open onto a spacious screened porch at the back.

Imagine the luxury! Picture waking up, stretching leisurely, and stepping right onto your private haven without the need to navigate stairs or dodge toys strewn across the hallway.

It’s as though the house whispers, “Good morning, sunshine. Your day deserves the finest views right from the outset!”

Transitioning to the second floor, you’ll find two more bedrooms.

Perfect for kids, guests, or even if you’re like me – a room devoted solely to miscellaneous items (in my case, a room where my yet-to-be-realized yoga aspirations reside).

These rooms share a hall bathroom, ensuring no morning battles over shower schedules.

To wrap it up, if homes possessed personalities, this farmhouse would be the charismatic charmer always armed with a witty comeback. It’s capacious yet snug, modern yet exuding rustic warmth, and fashionable yet utterly practical.

If homes dabbled in dating apps, I’m confident this one would be inundated with right swipes. Here’s to “A Honey of a Farmhouse” – because who says you can’t have your honey and reside in it too?

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