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2-Bedroom 2-Story Farmhouse Inspired Barndominium House with Massive Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 2,738 Sq Ft
  • 2 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 4 Cars

Hey everyone!

Imagine a home that perfectly marries the quaint allure of rustic living with the sleek conveniences of modern design.


Let me take you through a home plan that’s as extraordinary as it is roomy.

Welcome to the world of a 2-Bed Barndominium – not just a home, but a bold statement in living!

Visualize approaching a breathtaking Farmhouse-styled Barndominium, greeted by an inviting wraparound porch.

As French doors effortlessly part ways, you step into an area that redefines open-concept living.

The great room, alongside the kitchen and dining space, isn’t merely a collection of rooms – it’s a canvas for creating lifelong memories.

Imagine settling in for a snug evening, the fireplace crackling, as you sip on your hot cocoa – the very essence of comfort.

Now, let’s venture into the kitchen, a real showstopper.

Picture cathedral ceilings that evoke the grandeur of majestic halls, an island so vast it’s almost a land in itself, and a walk-in pantry that’s nothing short of a mini boutique.

And for the coffee aficionados, brace yourselves for a coffee bar that’ll leave your favorite café a tad jealous.

The sleeping areas?

Two bedrooms that take comfort to new heights.

The master suite, a private sanctuary, boasts a 4-fixture bathroom – think mini spa days – and a walk-in closet spacious enough for a festive gathering.

The second bedroom isn’t just another bedroom; it’s a retreat, featuring ample closet space and convenient access to the bathroom and laundry.

Doing laundry will never feel the same again!

But here’s the real showpiece: a massive 4,000 square foot garage/workshop.

More than a mere garage, it’s a realm for your vehicles and passions.

Housing a 2-car garage plus a drive-through RV bay, it treats your vehicles royally.

The oversized overhead doors are so grand, they feel like gateways to adventure (though, let’s keep the small planes out of this equation).

Above this grand space sits a versatile loft.

Envision it as your new office, a personal den, or a storage sanctuary, complete with a convenient half bath.

No need to disrupt your work or play to head back to the main house.

Let’s circle back outside – the wraparound porch deserves another moment in the spotlight.

It’s the ultimate setting for your morning stretches, evening grills, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature.

It’s like having VIP tickets to the great outdoors every single day.

And the exterior?

Clad in corrugated metal siding, it’s not just about style.

This choice marries durability with low maintenance, adding a trendy, industrial flair to the home.

So, here it is: a 2,738 square foot haven that transcends the concept of a house.

It’s a lifestyle.

Perfect for car lovers, hobbyists, or anyone smitten with the charm of open, expansive living spaces.

This Barndominium isn’t just about the square footage; it’s about the limitless possibilities it offers.

Ready to make it yours?

The door is wide open!

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