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1-Bedroom Dual-Story Barndominium Style House With Massive Workshop and Apartment Above (Floor Plan)


  • 2,057 Sq Ft
  • 1 Beds
  • 1.5+ Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 6 Cars

Behold, the barndominium, or perhaps more aptly termed a ‘shouse’!

This charming fusion of a workshop and residence stands as a pinnacle of functionality meets whimsy.

Ideal for those who relish the thought of a mere few steps’ journey from their bed to an expansive workshop, prepare for astonishment, as this architectural wonder is set to impress!

Initially, consider its dimensions – a cozy 2,057 square feet of residential area sitting above an impressive 3,000 square feet workshop.

It’s akin to enjoying your cake and indulging in it too, only with an abundance of extra delights!

For those passionate about automobiles, picture the delight of accommodating up to six cars!

Indeed, it’s true – a garage with the capacity for six vehicles.

If this doesn’t quicken your pulse, then I’m not sure what will.

The magic unfolds on the ground floor, a haven for hobbyists, DIY aficionados, or anyone who revels in the aroma of fresh sawdust at dawn.

Envision a generous workshop space where you’re free to hammer, drill, and craft as much as you please, all with ample room at your disposal.

And, as you transition from the role of artisan to entrepreneur, an office conveniently located adjacent to the workshop awaits.

It’s akin to possessing a personal command hub, where you can strategize for global conquest – or perhaps simply oversee your Etsy shop.

Now, shall we venture to the upper level?

After spending the day engrossed in your workshop activities, you make your way up the stairs to your private sanctuary.

This upper-level apartment exudes such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it’s easy to overlook that it’s situated above a workshop.

The spacious main room, heated by a charming fireplace and bordered by integrated bookshelves, offers an ideal retreat for relaxation.

Picture yourself cozying up with an engaging novel or indulging in a marathon of your beloved TV shows in this comfortable hideaway.

Hold on, there’s even more to explore!

Now, the kitchen – what a marvel it is!

Designed for culinary enthusiasts, it boasts a spacious island and a generous walk-in pantry.

This kitchen caters to all, whether you’re an experienced cook or someone who prefers quick microwave meals.

And then, the crowning glory – the master bedroom.

This space is more than just a bedroom; it’s a haven of tranquility.

The walk-in shower, dual vanity, soaking tub, and large walk-in closet make it feel more like a luxury spa retreat than just a place to sleep.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “This sounds too good to be true!”

But trust me, the barndominium life is as real as it gets.

It’s the perfect blend of work and play, where you can spend your days crafting, creating, or just tinkering around, and then retreat to your cozy apartment upstairs.

It’s like having your own little world under one roof.

To sum up, if you desire a home that stands out, provides limitless opportunities for personalization, and enables you to live and work under the same roof, then a barndominium (or shouse, as you might call it) is the perfect fit for your dreams.

Why opt for a mundane, traditional house when you can own a distinctive, versatile space that mirrors your individuality and supports your interests?

Welcome the barndominium lifestyle and allow your residence to be a genuine representation of your essence.

Remember, life is too brief to settle for average homes!

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